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21 men showed up this morning between Impromptu and Swarm to celebrate the 99th day of the year. The weather was fantastic and the overall mood of everyone seemed light. The reason I chose to celebrate the 99th day of the year is that I had no idea what other theme to use or what other significance April 9th had in history. (other than Robert Jenkins ear being cut off by the Spanish Guarde Costa in the Caribbean , later being the catalyst for the war between Brittain and Spain) – but how do you build a workout around that? So 99th day of the year was the theme and I set out to do 99 reps of each exercise but upon thinking about that for half a second, 99 reps seemed rather aggressive, so I just picked 4 areas to workout with a total 99 reps at each area.

The Warmup

Moseyed from the COT to the front of the High School

33 side straddle hops

-Calf Stretch

-Runners stretch

-33 Merkins

-33 LBC’s


Moseyed over to the wooden benches

-33 dips then  took a lap around the Geeb Jungle (look on google  maps, that’s what it’s called)

-33 step-ups then took a lap around the Geeb Jungle

-33 Incline Merkins then took a lap around the Geeb Jungle


We then Moseyed over to the overhang area with the steps by the high school

we did 3 sets of

-11-donkey kicks

-11 big boys

-11 drydocks

Each set followed with a lap around the path and up the steps with a burpee counter at the end of each

-Calf raises on the steps while waiting for the six


We then Moseyed over to the front of the middle school.

-33 heels to heaven then ran to overhang by the bus lot and bear crawled under the over hang and back to front of the middle school

-33 LBC’s then ran to overhang by the bus lot and bear crawled under the over hang and back to front of the middle school

-33 American Hammers then ran to overhang by the bus lot and bear crawled under the over hang and back to front of the middle school

Moseyed back to COT, did 30 seconds of flutters and called time.



Keep Rubbermaid and Hollywood in our prayers as the do their ridiculous run up Crowders Mountain

Next Saturday downtown cleanup in Waxhaw

Memorial day some guys are doing the Murph. Kid Rock is trying to organize training for it. Look to Playhouse or News channel for info.

THE Moleskin

This was only my second time leading a workout at this site. I really do like this site, there are a lot of options and areas to get a good workout in. Thank you to Chatterbox for asking me to Q this site and thank you to all the Pax who came out to support me on this wonderful morning.



Super Tuesday

On the hit TV show One Day At A Time the building maintenance supervisor was a man name Schneider. This morning Watchtower’s own site AO – Tom Evans – Schneider, stepped up to supervise a workout at his own site. Like the super from the TV show he handled everything (except this backblast) like a pro. Schneider stepped in due to some last-minute schedule changes and trying to maintain the no-repeat Q in April. We had 12 men show up for this beatdown.


Mosey from COT to the flag pole

15-side straddle hops

15 imperial Walkers

Calf Stretch (not long enough for Damascus)

Runners stretch

The Thang

-Moseyed from the flag pole to the end of the road in front of the school

Alternating at each light we did 20 squats and 20 American hammers (single count)

-We then moseyed over to the basketball courts and did a JackWebb of Merkin’s and Air Presses

-We moseyed to the back of the school where we did 5 excercises:

10 Donkey Kicks

10 LBC’s

10 Mike Tysons

10 Heels to Heaven

10 Flutters

Each of these was followed by a lap around the track.

-We then lined up on the wall behind the school and did 3 sets of 25air presses and 25 Jabs each time getting lower on the wall.

-We finished up with doing 4 corners on the track

10 Big boys

20 Squats

20 LBC’s

10 Merkin’s

We did this 2 times.

-We then made our way back to COT where we had just enough time to squeeze in a 30 second plank.


Schneider had laid out a great workout this morning. We logged a little over 2.5 miles. The weather was great.



O-69’s VQ Tomorrow

Downtown Waxhaw Cleanup Next Saturday

Raining on My Parade

6 Pax braved the elements and showed up for a wet workout that included rolling around in puddles. Today was a big day for me, as I was handed over the Flag to be the Co-site Q of watchtower. I do see it as an honor to be asked to do this. I will do my best to make sure I properly handle this responsibility. I am very appreciative of the guys who did make it out and remind those that decided to stay in of what Maddog posted earlier this morning – “Start making small decisions to take the easy way out and soon it will become a habit.” Thank you for those wise words Maddog.


We moseyed across the front of the school to the overhang at the back door by the bus lot. We were not quiet able to circle up but we gathered and did a warmup of:

-15 side straddle hops

-15 imperial walkers

-Jimmy Dougan’s center left and right.

-Calf stretches

-runner stretches

-Walk out Merkins (from standing position bend over walk hands out to plank do 1 merkin and walk hands back to feet and stand up)


From here we moseyed behind the school to the rock garden behind the basketball court. We did 20 step ups there ran behind the school to the bus lot did 20 merkins there and then ran to the overhand where the benches were and did 20 dips there. We ran back to the rock garden and repeated 3 more times, decreasing count by 5 each time. (20, 15, 10 and then 5)

Then we moseyed to the front of the school  at each light there was a cone set up with an exercise on it. You ran to the 1st cone did the exercise and then ran back to the corner. You kept repeating until we got all the way to the other side. I think 8 different exercises.

Up until this point the rain was pretty light. I planned on going over to the overhang at the front of the school but even that area seemed wet, so I made the decision to just bite the bullet and lay down in the parking lot.

We each took a line in the parking lot and did 11’s with LBC’s and Merkins. In between the 2, we did a sideways alligator walk across the parking space. We started with 10 merkins and 1 LBC made it down to 6 Merkins and 5 LBC.s and decided to take a lap to give our arms a rest. At this point it is pouring on us. As we did the lap we noticed some school staff arriving  so we made our way to the COT and finished up our set of 11’s With 1 minute to kill we did 1 more lap around the parking lot and called it time.

Announcements: Rushed through these since it was now pouring rain. reminded everyone of the Blood drive Saturday and CSUP coming up.

Easy Button handed the flag over to me and we took a quick family photo and got back in our cars.

Low Temps and Lots of Legs

11 Pax braved the chilly temp on this holiday week to try to work off some of the weeks festivities. The changed holiday hours has some of the pax, Q included, finding they are still waking up at an earlier time. I guess that just means we are in a good habit.

Gave the DICCS then-


Moseyed over to the bus parking lot on the other side of the school. We did 15 Side straddle hops, 15 imperial walkers, Jimmy Dougan’s – center left and right, calf stretches, downward dog, upward dog and Merkins.

The Thang:

Moseyed back from the parking lot towards the main entrance of the school. I had set up 10 cones around the parking lot and we did a set of 11’s. We ran all the way around the lot to cone number 10 where we did 10 Big Boys and 1 Merkins than ran back to cone number 9 and did 9 Big Boys and continued until we got back to cone 1. We went back to pick up the 6 but we didn’t have too far to run most of the pax stayed fairly close together.

Next we ran back to the over hang by the school bus lot. The we did:

20 Heels to Heaven than took a lap around the parking lot

20 Step up than took a lap

20 LBCs than took a lap

20 Dips then took a  lap

finished off with American Hammers until the 6 got in

Next we ran back to cone number 1 at the entrance of the other parking lot. My idea was to end with sometired and heavy legs at the end.

down the main entrance side of the parking lot we straight ran at the corner we did 10 drydocks

the on the backside of the school we did a side shuffle to the to the school (switching the way we were facing half way down) at the corner it was 10 squats

then on the school side of the parking lot we ran backwards the on the corner it was 10 drydocks

then on the last side of the parking lot we did lunge walks half way down that side and then ran the rest of the way.

This was pretty grueling and to make it more enjoyable we repeated it 3 times. The lunges seemed to be the toughest part. The highlight was when 2 of the pax, on one of the sets of Drydocks ended up butt to butt. Zinfandel being one of them made a joke about spreading covid this way. Lots of laughs at that comment. Made sure to extra social distance afterward.

Announcements were about blood drive in January and some kind of top secret activity for the new years day and we should support Catfish at porter Ridge next year.



overall everything seemed to work out pretty well. The timing was almost perfect. The Pax all seemed pretty chatty afterward, I guess many of them had off this week and enjoyed the free time to bond with their brothers. Thank you to Schneider and Easy Button for their support and guidance.

Turning Laps Tuesday

21 pax braved nearly freezing temps this morning to turn a few laps at Watchtower. Despite the cooler temps the spirits seemed good this morning as many discussed upcoming Thanksgiving plans. Went over DICCS and we began


moseyed over to the bus parking lot on the other side of the school. We did 15 Side straddle hops, 15 imperial walkers, Jimmy Dougan’s – center left and right, calf stretches, downward dog, upward dog and Merkins.


Turning Laps

I marked off 10 light poles around the outer road of the parking lot. We did 11’s of Dry Docks and Big Boy sit-ups. We ran around the entire parking lot to light pole number 10 did 10 drydocks, then back tracked to light pole number 1 and did 1 Big boy situp. Then we ran back around the parking lot to light pole number 9 and did 9 Dry docks then back to Pole 1 for 2 Big Boys. We repeated this until we got to 1 Dry dock and 10 big boys. The guys seemed like they were going to mutiny by the time we finished this exercise but everyone finished and seemed to feel good about it.

The Pit Stop

Next we went to the parking lot in front of the main entrance. We each lined up on one line of a parking space. We began a Webb of Merkins and LBC’s, however before each Merkin we would do a sideways alligator walk (plank position move sideways) from one side of the parking space to the other side of the parking space and then return to the first side the do our Merkins and LBC’s. We continued that until we got to 5 Merkins and 20 LBC’s. (I called this the pit stop because it’s like we are crawling under the car and rolling over to check what’s going on under the car)

The Chase

Everyone partnered up with a partner of equal skill. Partner A did 20 squats while partner B starts to runs backwards. When partner A is done with squats he runs to catch partner B. When he catches partner B then Partner B does 20 Squats while A runs backwards. We realized that 20 squats put a lot of distance between the 2 partners and made is really hard to sprint to catch up to the other partner, so we called an audible and changed it to only 10 squats.

After the Chase we only had about 3 minutes left, so we headed over to the COT and continued The Pit Stop webb. We made it up to 7 merkins and 28 LBC’s before time was up.


Over all I felt it was a good workout and seemed to be received well by all the Pax. The first part of the workout ate up a lot of time, but we did get over 3 miles of running in, with it being Thanksgiving week, I think the extra running was appreciated. We had an FNG – Welcome to Sheldon! and a couple of announcements of Thanksgiving day activities include something called the F3 Gobbler -(clear your browser history after looking that up) and the Briarcrest 5K & 10K. Check the F3 News channel for details.

Saturday Sun and Run

7 Pax plus the Q showed up for a beautiful Saturday morning. Posse had been hitting me up for months, so I finally gave in to the pressure. We had just recently turned the clocks back, and the sun was already rising, so it was nice not having to wear headlamps for the morning workout.

    1. The Warm Up – Easy mosey from the COT up to the entrance of the middle school and then back down the hill from the entrance past the COT to the parking lot to the north east parking lot near the benches.
      1. 15 side straddle hops
      2. 15 imperial walkers
      3. 15 potato pickers
      4. calf stretch
      5. runners stretch
      6. 10 merkins
    2. The Thang -Headed to the bus parking lot used the lines for the bus parking as our line markers.
      1. 11’s – started with merkins, Ran 10 spots then did 1 big boy situp. came back to the second spot and did 9 merkins then back to the end for 2 big boy sit-ups continued all the way to 1 merkin and 10 big boy sit-ups
      2. Broke Back Hill – By the entrance near 12 Mile Creek Rd. in between 2  street lights, we ran up hill backwards came down and did 5 burpees rinsed and repeated each time lowering the number of Burpees to 1
      3. Moseyed back to the North East parking lot where the benches are and did 10 dirkins, 20 step ups and 25 dips then did a lap around that parking lot. Repeated 2 times
      4. moseyed back to the bus parking lines. This time we did 10 drydocks, ran to the last spot and did 10 LBC’s came back to the 2nd spot and did 9 drydocks went back to the end and did 10 LBC’s again. We continued until we got to the last line and had only 1 drydock and 10 LBC’s
      5. Moseyed over to the basketball court. around the perimeter of the court we did a squated side step around the entire perimeter stopping at each basketball hoop to do 10 Bobby Hurleys. Once we went all the way around we repeated in the opposite direction.
      6. mosied back to the front of the school  did a webb of donkey kicks and air presses. (Some pax did not like the double count) We only went up to 5 Kicks and 20 (OR 40) airpresses.
      7. We then mosied back up to the entrance of the middle school and then came back down to the COT.
      8. Spent the last 30 seconds doing heels to heaven.
    3. The Moleskine – Over all I think it was a pretty good workout. This was my first time Qing at this site and the first time I Q’d a 1 hour workout. I think we ended up running about 4 miles. (according to my iWatch) We had really nice weather and a good time.

Back Street Block

  • Warmup:
    20 Side straddle hops , Jimmy Dougans, Calf stretches, Planks, Merkins, runners
    The Thang:
    Round 1
    Everyone got into the fire pit area where we did:
  • 25 squats
  • 25 step ups
  • 25 dips then
  • ran to the end of the small parking lot (slight confusion on where the end of the small parking lot was) rinsed and
    Round 2
    Picked up coupons and moseyed to the back of Mt. Chiseled. With coupon. We did:
  • 20 curls
  • 20 upright rows
  • 20 overhead presses
  • 20 triceps extensions
  • 20 merkins.
  • Then we ran up the street towards the entrance of the church, where cones had been laid out. Ran backwards
    between the cones uphill then returned to Mt. Chiseled, running forward. Rinsed and repeated with
    only 10 of each exercise.
    After picking up the six we did:
  • 20 LBS’s
  • 20 Big Boys
  • 20 American hammers
  • 20 Heels to heaven
  •  back up the hill running backwards between cones again.

Did chest presses while waiting for the six then we did:

  • 20 Chest presses
  • 20 dips on the coupon
  • 20 derkins on the coupon.
  • The back up the hill running backwards between the cones again.
    We then grabbed our coupons and moseyed back to the COT


The small group of guys allowed us to used the fire pit area while maintaining social distancing. I had planned on doing 2 sets of each group but after the first set we realized we would not have enough time to do all the exercises. All in all it went well.


Blood Drive October 17 th
Labor day Convergence 6:30  – Check List for Donations
Christ Closet Folding Party