The Eagle Flies at Dawn

The Eagle Flies at Dawn

The latest iteration of Meathead continued the double bell strength program and ten PAX girded up their loins to tackle a midweek meltdown centered around the clean and press.  It was actually eight PAX at 5:30 with Frehley’s Comet and Focker rolling in (separately) during warmups.  As an aside (I tend to go off on tangents) YHC recently learned that to gird up one’s loins means for a warrior to gather up and fasten a loincloth so it does not impede his movement on the field of battle.  Previously, the only context I had for this phrase was Eddie Harris’ pre-game prayer in the movie “Major League”.  Is very bad to steal Jobu’s rum.  Is very bad.  As an aside to this aside, have we named somebody Jobu yet?  We should name somebody Jobu.

Warmup: SSH, IW, Sharon Towers

Double Clean & Press Program: 10 rounds of a single rep going heavy on the weight.  Only having single weight bells, YHC paired up with Voodoo and his set of gray, rattletrap bells which he refers to as “62’s”.  I am assuming that 62 referred the pounds that we use in these United States and not the kilograms used by all but three countries on Earth (shoutout to Myanmar and Liberia) since 62 kilograms would equate to about 137 pounds.  Myanmar is currently in the throes of a military coup, which is always exciting, and also used to be (or maybe still is) called Burma.  I’m going to assume that Burma is the home of the Burmese python, which as I learned from living in Florida for a few years, is overrunning the Everglades since people bought them as pets without realizing how big they grow and then release them into the wild.  Because, Florida.

The Eagle: When deciding on the middle part of the workout, I saw something called the Eagle on the second tab of High Tide’s spreadsheet of kettlebell knowledge which is akin to the Necronomicon from “Army of Darkness” as they both bring pain and suffering.  It consists of 8 rounds of 8 double front squats followed by a 20 meter farmer’s carry.  We estimated the 20 meters with 8 parking space lines.  This was about as much fun as a military coup in Myanmar.

5x5x5: The third phase was 5 rounds of 5 reps of deadlifts, swings, rows, sumo high pulls, and merkins.  Finish up with outsourced Mary and we’re one workout closer to the weekend, which is sometimes referred to as “when the eagle flies on Friday”.

The playlist was a bit uninspired as the 2.1 had a late basketball game last night, and after getting the children put to bed the M wanted to catch up on “This is Us”.  It’s a decent show, but I am always a bit unsettled during the parts where they make the lovely Mandy Moore appear old and struggling with dementia.  In YHC’s opinion, MM should always be shown as young and vibrant as she was when she burst into our consciousness in the music video for “Candy”.  Today’s selection was the soundtrack from Rocky IV, mostly because it has been lodged in my head for awhile since I stopped for coffee one afternoon and realized the place was playing the entire album.  Needless to say, that particular Dunkin Donuts has earned my business.  We mixed in some one offs from other movies like “Over the Top”, “Top Gun”, “The Karate Kid”, and “Caddyshack” but there wasn’t an overall theme.  I’ll do better next time.  Maybe my next Q will be a Mandy Moore/Motorhead mashup.

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