The best way to lose your F3 Virginity is Virtually

The best way to lose your F3 Virginity is Virtually

20+ Pax attended my Virtual Virgin Q for a sunny and warm beatdown. First came out to a Q in January and realized it was about time for me to step up (h/t to MightyMite for his recruiting skills). Full body beatdown until 7:30 on the dot. Was it as good for you as it was for me?


  • 20 calf raises OYO #rulesbroken
  • 20 windmills OYO
  • 20 Hillbillies OYO
  • 20 Side straddle hops
  • 20 plank jacks

The Thang

  • 11’s: jump squats and merkins
  • 2-minute run
  • AMRAP (Arms): 10 curls, 10 shoulder presses, 10 tricep extensions, run to end of driveway and back. Repeat for 5 minutes
  • 1-minute run out, sprint back
  • AMRAP: 10 freddie mercuries, 10 heels to heaven, 10 step ups, run to end of driveway and back. Repeat for 5 minutes.
  • 2-minute run
  • KILLER B’s: this is where things really started to suck. Bear crawl out 50 feet, broad jump back, 3 burpees every 5 jumps. Arms and legs were burning after 3 sets. #Mumblechatter begins
  • 2-minute run
  • AMRAP (Legs): 10 goblet squats, 10 jump ups, 10 chair lunges, run to end of driveway and back. Repeat for 5 minutes. #Mumblechatter accelerates. Grievances aired about AMRAP
  • 2-minute run
  • AMRAP (Combo): 5 burpees, 10 side straddle hops, 15 Dwight Howards (wall tap jumps), 20 LBC’s. Reminder that #Whitemancan’tjump from Frehley’s Comet. Humor distracts from the pain.
  • 2-minute run
  • 11’s: deadlifts and shoulder press. Debating the difference between Romanian deadlift and normal deadlift. Arms are burning.
  • 2-minute run
  • Alternate 5 big boy situps and 5 merkins until time! Everything is burning.


  • Mighty Mite and Bucky shared that more workouts will be going back to in-person (following CDC guidance) while others will still remain virtual. Do what is right for you and your family. Stay tuned on workout details.
  • Encouragement for the days ahead. “God is greater than our worried hearts and knows more about us than we do ourselves.” – 1 John 3:18
  • Cul-de-sac led us out in prayer. Reminder to support graduating seniors and encourage them while things are up and down.
  • These virtual workouts have been crucial to my emotional/physical sanity during isolation. Shoutout to all for leading and making these work – thanks Chopper and Paper Jam for being my run buddies over the last month
  • If I can lead a few months in, who’s up next?

Tips for the first Q:

  • 2-minute runs helped space out the circuits and chew some clock
  • Exercise database was super helpful searching things like “routine” and “circuit”
  • OYO was much easier virtually instead of trying to count in cadence
  • Ask and learn from others. Shoutout to Tuck and Chastain for tips/guidance

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