Keep doing things

Keep doing things

11 basically did warm up, burpees, and American Hammer…out!

Okay, there was a little more than that.

Obviously a lot going in the world right now – and things sure escalated in the past 2 days.  Folks are glued to every new headline, “news”, & financial twist & turn.  At this point F3 is an important outlet for all of us.  Obsessing about current events & every precaution is not a healthy way to experience all of this.

A few precautions we did take…

  1. We avoided direct contact partner work.
  2. For the most part, we adjusted from “fist bumps” to “elbow bumps”.
  3. For COT we stayed in “circle” rather than “ball”, but all got on one knee – that felt right!

The Thang:

  • Warmups of Imperial Walker, Squat, Peter Parker/Parker Peter, Bulgarian Ball Buster…YA!!!
  • 10 (or so) trees – stop at each and do 3X Carolina Dry Docks & 3 Jump Squats
  • 14 (or so) trees- 2 Merkins at first, 2 Monkey Humpers (“Stretchers” for PG version) at the second, then 4 Merkins, then 4 Monkey, then 6, 8, 10, 12, end at 14 each.
  • 14 (or so) more trees- 1 Burpee, then 2, then 3 (+1 all the way).  AUDIBLE!!!  Once you get to 10, then start counting down.  Several rounded up and that was 100 Burpees!
  • 4 light posts – 5 Superman, 10 LBC.
  • “All you got” to park area.
  • Park mini-AMRAP: 10 pull ups, 10 calf raises
  • Mosey to base for Mary: Planks, Awesome Yoga hip stretch, a million American Hammers (Job), and Protractor (One-Star)


  • One-Star was pulling in – “coming in hot!” – as we left the AO, only to circle back.  No Man Left Behind…especially OneStar 🙂  Great take-out, by the way.
  • So it was like 75 degrees and Transporter goes BACK to his car mid-warmup for a hoodie?  Dude is from Kenosha, Wisconsin!  How is that even possible?!
  • Thanks Mighty Mite for making sure the YA of Bulgarian Ball Busters were was being properly executed – very important!
  • And One-Star gets 5 stars for burpee form!  So does Swimmers – nice job to & through the end!
  • Love seeing Ice-9 for 2 big reasons.  1) We work at same company, but have never worked out togther.  2) He brought his 2.0 “Bolt”, who is a 10-year-old silent assassin.  Fun to have them both.  YHC quickly modified the name “Monkey Humpers” into “Monkey Stretchers”.
  • Big Ben has become an automatic Pax in recent months, and it shows.  Nice job!!
  • Snowflake asked if I were angry at the Pax for calling all those burpees, and I responded that I was only mad at him!  (Of course, it’s the opposite – he’s the best).  I actually hate burpees, and tend to be very slow at them (#SuboptimalBuild), which is why I called them.
  • Alf is always super fast at everything.  Such a beast!
  • Speaking of “angry”, how about those 50+ cadence American Hammers called & led by Job!  Wow, ouch!

In the daylight I avoid Waverly like the…#TooSoon.  Cerberus is actually the closest AO to our home (we live directly through the woods behind Waverly).  But my only prior Cerberus post was the big Dredd event in ’18, and I have posted WAMRAP around 5 times last Summer.  I don’t avoid Cerberus – it’s really due to Friday family schedule, as well as posting weekday workouts close to my YMCA & office to avoid home & Ballantyne traffic.

Thanks Alf & Transporter for the opportunity to lead.  Fun to Q a site that is new.  I had to scope things out beforehand!

This week was my 5-year F3 anniversary.  First post was Bagpipe, Q was Soft Pretzel.  That was the start of many great relationships, experiences.  Today was no exception.


  • “Gladiator” Saturday, the monthly random “black diamond” workout. (not to be confused with “Camp Gladiator”).  Remember, F3 is “always free”.
  • Thoughtful takeout by One-Star- thanks!


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1 year ago

Burpees are always a good call. T-claps Bucky. Like the take-a-knee approach to the COT takeout (aka prayer). Kneeling is a good reminder we are not the object of our own prayer.
Did the pax freak out when Ice 9 spilled merlot? We had that at Kevlar this morning…FNG-induced not coronavirus.

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