To the hills, sorta of

To the hills, sorta of

What’s this you see, a back blast. You may ask what is a back blast. It is this thing we use to do in F3 SOB when a Q lead a workout. It was kinda of a requirement if you led. Admittedly, myself included, have gotten slack about doing a back blast. They are a cornerstone however of leading a good workout and so those that came can remember and those that did feel guilty for missing. I speak to you Free Range.

First Happy Birthday to our Nantan Thin Mint. Almost Master’s age.

What we did

A quick disclaimer was given. Upon leaving the parking lot instructions were given for the exercises we were going to do and the order we were going to do them in. I did a poor job explaining it clearly, my wife can attest to this. What was in my head and supposed to come out was every fifth light you will do five reps of the given exercise. The order of the exercises were merkins, American Hammer, and CDD. The group behind us thought they were supposed to do all three before running to the next light. Those that did that just got a bonus for the same amount of money. #lucky

We had several pit stops on the way around the big loop of Ballantyne. We stopped at the corner of Ballantyne Commons and Thornhill neighborhood, then at the pull up bars x 10 at the Thornhill neighborhood park, run up the Murderhorn, take a left on Elm to Endhaven, run to the bottom of White Hall neighborhood (at least I think it is called White Hall), back up to Endhaven down to Orchid Hill neighborhood, down to the bottom of Orchid Hill and then back up to Endhaven elementary’s pull up bars x 10, back across the street to the bottom of Misty Ridge Ln, back up to Endhaven to the corner of N. Community House and Endhaven, to the top of Wells Fargo parking deck, and finally back down back to the AO.

At some point we switched up merkins for diamond merkins and American Hammers for toe touch crunch. Everyone finished in time with the mileage ranging from 5.4 to 6.6.

Moleskin: Appreciate everyone showing up. 12 is a good number for The Brave especially since it was advertised as heavy running. One Niner lit the way on his bike. Thin Mint was feeling spry on his birthday and was at the front especially pushing hard up the Wells ramp. Fletch was always either on the heels or close behind. Transporter never misses an opportunity to push himself. Fire Hazard ran thirty (or maybe less) prior to the start. Wild Turkey changed his clothes several times to prevent from soaking the course. Tolken was there getting back after it. Buckeye never stopped despite coming back from an injury. Wingman encouraged the six the whole time. Bucky may have come to his first Brave? Either way he does everything well and made it look easy. Not sure if he sweated. Tuck continues to be consistent and encouraging as he also comes back from his injury.

Several announcements: Hope Challenge starting back up in September. One pax started early by sharing. Thanks for that it can be difficult to do but everyone benefits from it. Sandbox this weekend. We need Qs for The Brave starting next week.

Enjoy the holiday weekend and see everyone at the Waxhaw launch on Monday.

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BuckyPosted on5:30 pm - Aug 30, 2019

Maybe this was “normal” for Brave but seemed to me a crazy well-planned route through the dark. I posted 1 Brave around 3-4 years ago and had to look at where this new/not new AO met. Although I’ve averaged less than 1 Friday post per year, I hope to change that up a bit and come back soon. You guys are beasts amongst beasts.

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