12 lb of pain

12 lb of pain

The Thang …

DiCCS provided, let’s mosey, no wait, we never moved from our circle …

1 min Lunges, 1 min Box cutters, 1 min Curls = 3 min, repeat 3x = 9 min.

1 min Burpees

1 min Squats/Pulse Squats, 1 min Rosalitas, 1 min Merkins = 3 min repeat 3x = 9 min

1 min Mountain Climbers

1 min Glute Bridge, 1 min Flutters, 1 min Carolina Dry Docks = 3 min repeat 3x = 9 min

1 min Speed Skaters

1 min Partner/Wall Sits, 1 min LBC’s/Big Boys, 1 min Mike Tysons = 3 min repeat 3x = 9 min

Moleskin ….

The goal was to work Legs, Core and Upper body in small intense periods using the 12lb barbells, rinse and repeat until exhausted. Everyone pushed hard, seen a few tap outs, but mostly heard a lot of groaning and pushing thru the pain. Honored as always to lead this group. Great work guys.

Announcements …

Fusebox announced F3 Dads. Contact Gerber if interested in helping out.

Fusebox – Thank you for taking us out!

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