Artist formerly known as Troylette takes Q at Chiseled

Artist formerly known as Troylette takes Q at Chiseled

9 Pax made it out to Chiseled for some station work and then we decided to cook the pork belly for the final 5 mins.

Cover standard Diccs and ensure all have signed proper waivers and 8 pax off for quick mosey around Mt. Chiseled. Upon return our 9th pax came in on 2 wheels calm cool and collected into the lot to join the group. But as this pax has sung before in concert…
Alright, Alright.
Yeah its alright.
Don’t need no five star reservations
I’ve got spaghetti and cheap bottle of wine…

Proceed to continue with quick warmup:
Mt Climbers
Calf Stretch
Smurf Jacks

To prepare for the Thang we partnered up with 1 group of 3 and reviewed the stations and got to work.
Below are the stations:
1. Slam Balls
2. 35lb Should raises/steering wheel turns
3. Trip on swinging rope Jump Rope
4. Incline/Decline merkins
5. Kettle Bell Swings
6. Curls
7. Tire Flips
8. Bucket Squats
9. Resistance Bands
10. Run to curb and back with sand bag (timer) switch 1/2 way with partner

Once all have completed all the stations we did a quick mosey around Mt Chiseled and repeated with no sandbag and quicker sprint for 2nd round

Upon completion of 2nd round we huddled up and cooked the Pork Bellys for 5 mins
1. Pistol LBC
2. Freddy Mercury
3. Dolly
4. Toe Touches
5. Freddy Mercury
6. Flutters
7. LBC


  • Great work by group and T-Claps for Fuse & Rudy for running a tight ship with ensuring that prior to Q’ing that you are provided list of equipment and checking to see if anything further needed to bring. Also appreciate Fuse & Brutus for coming early to help setup
  • Brutus – Lots of energy and great to see how much you appreciate the site, do have to say little disappointed we did not see you break out the Jim Harbaugh dad bod on the last set of sprints
  • Schneider – Respect and love the Big Lots shirt as always. You seemed to be digging some of the song collection and believe “let me clear my throat” brought you back to some party days back up in the Northeast
  • Tupperware – as always enjoy the enthusiasm and good to see that you did not let up when Brutus challenged you to sprint in on the mosey around Mt. Chiseled
  • Popeye – appreciate seeing you during the week, and the call out for “Troylette” in COT. Believe you may have shed a tear as today’s group did not feature any true Gazelles and resembled more of a meat factory
  • Spike – great to see you out here during the week and working hard. Enjoyed partnering with you and Brutus today. Keep up the work, it may not get easier but it will certainly suck less.
  • Ricky Bobby – As you once famously said –  Well let me just quote the late-great Colonel Sanders, who said…”I’m too drunk to taste this chicken.” Enjoyed having opportunity to work out with you today and look forward to more in future. Appreciate you taking us out as well
  • Fuse – Again thanks for running a tight ship at Chiseled and for bringing the extra gear. Also, way to push Shake and Bake today. As they said in Talladega Nights we can’t have two #1’s cause that would be eleven
  • Shake & Bake – First the Ludacris song was radio edit version so no worries. Secondly, Sometimes I wonder if it will ever end, You get so mad at me When I go out with my friends. Sometimes you’re crazy and you wonder why. I’m such a baby yeah, the Dolphins make me cry. Just wanted to add in one more Darius song lyric. All good always pushing the group and all in good fun – your buddy (Toby)

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