Put the end of your hose in the bush(es)

Put the end of your hose in the bush(es)

Warm temps brought out the best WUC had to offer on Monday morning.  The clock struck 05:15 and 8 PAX were off under the watchful eye of a friendly Union County sheriff’s deputy.  He witnessed the following:

05:15 Disclaimer & mosey from launch site towards Target stopping at the far corner for 20 SSH IC. 
The roving COP yogged to the next far corner for 20 Low Slow Squats IC. 
The caravan of Pax completed the last COP exercise at the midpoint of the parking lot with 10 Merkins IC.

The Warm UP
Line up on the curb facing the far end.  Before us are 6 parking islands and we quickly put them to work as our 1st pain station.
At each island, perform 6 reps of called exercise.  Complete 6 times. 6 Islands, 6 reps, 6 times a/k/a The Beast
Exercises consist of 1) Merkins 2) Jump Squats 3) LBC 4) Carolina Dry Dock 5) Sister Mary Catherine 6) American Hammer
Warm Up over

The Main Event
YHC overheard a comment that I wasn’t going to be invited back when the Beast was called. I guess if it’s a one & done type of Q, may as well give it all I got.
Mosey to corner 3 of the Target parking lot, hang a left and head back towards the launch point.  Along the way, we find our 2nd pain station.  YHC has strategically placed 9 different stations in the parking lot.  The idea is for each Pax member to pick a station (2-8) and performed the called exercise until the Pax at station 1 finishes a down & back lap, then everyone moves one station to the right.  The wild card is that station 1 (timer station) has a 40ft long, 50lb fire hose that ‘s ready to be put into action.  
Station 1 = pull the hose past the island (approx. 40 yards) and back 
Station 2 = Merkins
Station 3 = Jump Squat
Station 4 = LBC
Station 5 = Wide Arm Merkins
Station 6 = SSh
Station 7 = American Hammer
Station 8 = Carolina Tri Docks
Repeat the circuit 2X

6 Minutes of Mary
LBC / Flutter / Freddie Mercury / Pretzel Crunch (each side) X 20 IC


I was honored when Damascus asked me via text on an early January morning to Q Asylum on Feb 4.  I quickly obliged and once he knew he had me, he followed up his original text with one that simply said, “In full disclosure, that’s the Monday after the Super Bowl”.  The guys at Asylum are like the New England Patriots — you can throw anything at them and they keep giving it their best and perform at the top of their game.  Every. Single. Time.
There isn’t a harder working group of Pax in the F3 Nation.  Proof of that claim was the fire hose pull.  The immediate grumble chatter about the hose led me to believe it was making it’s first appearance at Asylum.  To ease everyone into their first experience with the coupon, YHC instructed to pull the hose to the first island and to run back.  2nd man up was to run down & pull it back.  Damascus set the stage early and modified — he pulled the hose down AND back.  No one was going to let him work harder than they were, so each man followed suit.  YHC even noticed that on the 2nd round, guys were ramming the leading edge of their hose thru the bush #thatswhatshesaid — an extra 15 yards away.
Lesser AOs leave the hose at the pain station and make the Q tidy up after COT, but not these fine gentlemen.  The Pax was so enamored with the coupon, they pulled it back to the launch site.
 During Pain Station #2 chatter turned to the big game from the night before, Tom Brady, Julian Edleman, PED’s and then somehow focused on Damascus, his home in Maine, and his nipples.  I’ll leave the rest to you imagination.

TClaps to all 9 who forced themselves out of the fartsack on the morning of a day that has more people calling in sick than any other da of the year.

Thanks to Damascus for asking me to lead such a fine group.  It was an honor

Q Source following
Joe Davis – March 9

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