Cold, but not bitter temps today. No reason not to post, but we’d keep it moving and get a few breaks in the shelter of the Hanoi Hilton Deck. (Please start calling it that.)

From the Viva lot head to the deck, a little bear crawl break along the way.

Ramp 1 – Side-stradde hops & ‘merican push-pups – 10 ea
Ramp 2 – Seal jacks & wide arm pushups – 10 ea
Ramp 3 – Plank jacks & diamond pushups – 10 ea
Down the steps and head to Quickie Mart, backward, sideward and lungeward motions along the way.

Triple Nickel
Burpees at bottom, run up the stair and avoid the broken banister, heels -to-heaven at the top

Step-ups and split squats
7, 14 & 21 rep

Back to the deck for Ark loaders & sprints – REAL sprints
We did bear crawls, inch worms, crab walks, frog jumps, alligator crawls and duck walks.
Down the steps

Romanian single-leg deadlifts 7, 14 & 21 reps

The end!!

Just a quick note about safety: Please be careful when you Q. Looking back, I should have not crossed the street as quickly as I did and the deck is getting way to busy. Waverly is a great site, but we should keep our activities to the less public streets and lots. Wear reflective clothes and vests.



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