A Chicken and the Flock

A Chicken and the Flock

Do not sue me , the school or anyone else– go at your own pace and do not get hurt…

The Warm Up

Mosey around Lot so one PAX could pick up phone to carry during workout ( Posse would be proud of us)

20- imperial walkers

20- low slow squats

20 – Potato Pickers

20- Mountain Climbers

Calf Stretches

The Thang

Run to in front of middle school and partner up

  • P1 – wall jabs while P2 runs around 1/2 the island then switch – when you switch 7 hand slap merkins before P 1 starts to run– 2 laps each
  • P1 – heels to heaven while P2 runs around 1/2 the island then switch- when you switch 7 hand slap merkins before P 1 starts to run- 2 laps each
  • P 1 lunges through the parking lot while P 2 runs around 1/2 the island until he catches P1 partners complete 7 hand slap merkins and switch- lunge/run two times each.
  • Circle up and do a few exercises while waiting on the 6
  • Mosey to the Big Lot the Flock ” oh wait, time is going to be a issue “Zinfandel said in his wise ole owl voice— So during our mosey we took a hard left hand turn to the basketball courts while playing Frogger with a few buses and the Ignition guys, where in the heck did they come from, they flew right past us like lighting bolts…
  • On the Court split in 5 equal-ish groups for a new exercise ( the merkin/plank/bear crawl ladder) ughhhh… each GROUP will line up in a plank position head to toes in a straight line and the person in front of the group will say DOWN ( the pax will complete 2 merkins each). The guy in the back of the PAX will bear crawl to the front and repeat this process until all PAX in group have bear crawled 3 times– double and triple ughhhhhhh… I think I heard bad words tossed my way.. Chickens HAVE FEELINGS YOU KNOW… LOL
  • Mosey to Transporter Shed and alternate 10 jump squats and 3 burpess at each light heading back– getting NERVOUS 8 mins left and I have nothing left ooppspsps……
  • Thank goodness for Dancing Bear calming me down with his wisdom and knowledge- “hey Chicken Shit look over there I see benches” so we proceeded to those benches for some– dips and step ups while your partner runs around parking lot.— whewwww finished on time without a moment to spare… heeeyawww

The Moleskin

Great morning for the PAX. All Pax members pushed themselves and others hard and we ended a great way to be taken out by the one and only Fusebox ( excellent words today young lad). I appreciate the opportunity to lead this fine group of men today


  • Keep Mad Dog in your prayers- having a procedure today
  • Shampoo Crew still going on- Get with Dancing Bear
  • Father Daughter Dance is coming up– March 1st 6pm-9pm
  • Weight loss comp is in full effect- get your weight in
  • Schneider made the RESPECT stage in his F3 journey..

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