Break In The New Banjo

Break In The New Banjo

19 Pax showed up on a nice and breezy morning to break in the new VQ Banjo.  The Pax took it relatively easy on me for reasons unknown.  Possibly because of the name and fear of being led down a dark alley to where banjo music was being played abundantly………


Run to Dreamchaser and circle up.  Dana then announced that if things start to go really south with this this hurricane bearing down on Charlotte he would take refuge in Dreamchasers!  Love where his head is at.

15 SSH(Big Ten’s)

15 Mountain Climbers with calf stretches at end, walk it up to Jimmy Duggans

15 Imperial Walkers

10 LSS


The Thang

Mosey around downtown Waxhaw to sidewalk at Bike Depot and grab a partner

Station 1:

Partner 1 mini suicide runs, while partner 2 does dips (rounds 1 and 3)

Partner 1 mini suicide runs, while partner 2 does step ups(rounds 2 and 4)


Station 2:  Dean Smith 4 corners

Merkins, jumping squats, LBC’s and SSH’s at each corner, 20 reps each time

4 laps, pick up the 6 when done

My first negative backlash came from Recalculating as he mentioned we do AMRAP’s at the end of the month not today.  My Q had begun.


Station 3 Kim Jon Hill:

Partner back up, Partner 1 runs while Partner 2 does LSS

Everyone back up the hill and pick up 6 on the way

People’s Chair with air press while we wait for 6 at the top

One last light pole suicide sprint to finish us up



Had a lot of fun leading this group around Waxhaw this morning.  Briarcrest came out strong to support the vQ so I really appreciate that as well as all the others even Lawson.  I’m sure the next time you guys won’t take it as easy on me but until then don’t go down any dark alleys that have Banjo music playing.



Dancing Bear thanked everyone for the great response to his charity

Fuse Box needs supplies for new start up spot at 5 Stones

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