All Aboard the Burpee Train for the Journeyman!

All Aboard the Burpee Train for the Journeyman!

Since Halfback stepped up to Q for us at #Dromedary yesterday, I told him I would take #TheFloater so he could avoid 3 straight days of Q’ing. Even for a young, 23-year old like Halfback, 3 days in a row is alot.   Here’s how it went, in my typical fashion:

Mosey over to the new “Greenspace” area under the Water Tower, circle up, Warm-up:

  • (20) SSH
  • (20) IW
  • (10) Potato Pickers
  • (10) Plank Jacks
  • (10) Low Slow Squat

The Thang:

Mosey over in front of Waxhaw Creamery (awesome!), partner up.  Each partner completes (2) Rounds of each:

  • P1 Dips/P2 Run to Bridge, Backwards run back
  • P1 Derkins/P2 Run to Bridge, Backwards run back
  • P1 Knee-Ups/P2 Run to Bridge, Backwards run back
  • P1 Step-ups/P2 Run to Bridge, Backwards run back

To the Bridge for 7’s:

  • Merkins on one side
  • Carolina Dry Docks on the other

We interrupt this program to bring you a special bulletin! The Burpee Train has Arrived!

(For those who don’t know…The Burpee Train means you do Burpees from the time the train arrives until it is gone)

We were literally on the bridge at about the 5 & 2 mark when we heard the horn. I’m not sure how many times the Pax has experienced the Burpee Train in the months of Floater, but I doubt it coincided with actually being on the Bridge during an exercise when it arrived.  We did Burpees for about 4 minutes…not too bad.  Back to the Plan…

Complete 7’s, Mosey across Main St down towards S Providence Elementary.

Grab a Wall for some leg raises, followed by:

  • (20) Donkey Kicks
  • (20) Mike Tyson’s

At this point, Shake-n-Bake started to shed his shirt and jump around like he was on Fire…apparently he was, thanks to the Fire Ants we didn’t see. Q Fail, fellas. Sorry, S-n-B!

Mosey back toward town, at every Stop Sign do (3) Burpees until reaching the church. Some quick Mary with:

  • H2H
  • Pistol LBC
  • Freddie Mercury
  • Dolly
  • Protractor



Always a great privilege to be with our F3 brothers. Thanks to Fuse Box and Moneyball for holding down the AO and allowing me to lead. Downtown Waxhaw is a tremendous AO and everyone who attends for the first time agrees it is unique. Big Shout Out to Mighty Mite for completing the Journeyman Challenge with his post at The Floater today. Very impressive, brother. I don’t know if I’ve even done 22 workouts lately and you’ve been to 22 different AO’s.

Outside of Shake-n-Bake being mauled by Fire Ants, everyone seemed to stay out of harm’s way and enjoy the workout. Foley always has a smile on his face, or is that pain? Beckham keeps showing up and getting stronger! Rubbermaid amazes me that he can work out with his phone in the holster. Good to see Mad Dog back today from Beantown. Thanks to Halfback and Stub Hub for the impromptu Coffeeteria at Crossroads Coffee House. I have offered the Pax Coffee on me after every workout I’ve led at The Floater, and nobody has taken me up on it. Glad we got to catch up, fellas.


  • SandBox service opportunity is NOW BACK ON in Indian Land. This Saturday, 9am. Please let Soft Pretzel and/or Shop Dog know if you can help out.

YHC took us out in prayer. We are all blessed, fellas. Keep working hard…our families are relying on us!




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