Anniversary pole dancing redux

Anniversary pole dancing redux

23 men gathered in an elementary school parking lot this morning to help me celebrate 5 years of F3, whether they knew it or not.

I first posted after a few months of “what is this F3 thing about” conversations with Stage Coach and Baracus (who texted me at 5:10 this morning to say he “overslept” and wouldn’t make it). I’d been running for several years before that, so I was in ok shape (faster than I am now, actually) but the burpees and core work kicked my butt. And I had been on my own during the running years. The chatter, encouragement, harassment, etc. that I found in that group of guys that morning had me hooked right away. 49er led that first workout. I remember the guys (Tiger Rag in particular) giving him the business the whole time – there were suggestions about what he could do with his whistle, pole dancing jokes, form mockery and cheating. But there were clearly friendships in there too. The workouts are great, but it’s knowing that our bros are going to be out there that keeps us all coming back.

The Thang – we ran back my FNG post. Here’s the backblast:

Men Can Pole Dance Too.

Then, because apparently we’re much faster than we were 5 years ago, we ad-libbed a few things to make up 10 mins at the end.

The return of the whistle and pole hugging were not popular. Some things should stay in the history books. Thanks to all the guys who came out. Mud Run team Slow and Steady was well represented with 4 of 5 members of the lineups we ran out there for a few races (Hopper, Cottonmouth, Lazy Boy and me – only Mall Cop was missing). Some of the guys from the beginning were there – I remember running off of Haze’s shoulder at Fast Twitch back when we used the track and FT was only 45 mins. Good ol’ days. Alf drove 16 whole minutes, way out of his bubble, to his first ever post at Hydra. Stage Coach’s comeback tour continued. Even Semi Gloss was there!

Comments and words of wisdom:
– This 7/4/13 Convergence workout is Area 51 legend thanks to Joker’s prison yard partner exercises. It was my second or third post overall. I remember being so glad that I found a group of guys who gave each other so much crap (all in good fun) while putting in work. There was plenty of material at this workout.

Area 51 July 4th Convergence

– It probably took me a year of posting before I considered myself part of the group. I was fine to stay quiet, watch others and laugh, but once I got comfortable with my place in the PAX, I looked forward to workouts a lot more. That comfort came from getting to know guys at workouts, HDHH, etc. If you’re fairly new, keep posting; go to happy hours, Ghost Runner, etc. – events that are a little more social where you can get to know a few people. Those connections will lead to others.
– If you’ve been around a while, help the new guys get connected. Partner up with someone you don’t know well – don’t pick the same guys all the time. Invite guys to happy hours to help them connect. If you don’t get it done at a workout, there is a master list of PAX that Wingman, Mermaid and other board members can use to get you an email address.
– If there is someone you don’t know or can’t remember their name, ask them who they are. Maybe it will be embarrasing and the guy will say, “Dude, we’ve been at this workout together for six months”, but maybe it’s a fairly new guy or somone who is visiting.
– Reach out to guys who have been AWOL for awhile. Don’t harass them, but let them know that you miss having them out there. I took a couple of months off this winter (it was cold) and a bunch of guys kept up with me. It meant a lot.

There were no announcements. I think everyone was too emotional to think clearly.

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HopsPosted on8:42 pm - Jun 28, 2018

Sorry I missed Gummy. Out of town. Thankful for you as you are one of the pax who for sure provides the 2nd F glue that makes Area51 what it is.
Not sorry I missed pole dancing…WTH?!
Keep EH’ing fellas. Lots more guys need this. And someone did it for you.
And for those already among the pax, I leave you with this quote from J.R.R. Tolkien (and I don’t the founder of SpeedForNeed):

“I don’t know half of you half as well as I should like; and I like less than half of you half as well as you deserve.”

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