Not since breakfast

Not since breakfast

11 guys gathered in a church parking lot on a rainy Saturday morning. According to section 7, part b, subpart i of the RockZero manifesto, today was to be a light day. The men were disclaimed, and off we went. McGee complained immediately when we cut through the moist front yard and he got his shoes wet. We gathered near the intersection for a quick warmup (IW, MC, Monkey Humpers – Jet Fuel is terrible at Monkey Humpers) then started toward Davie Park.

We gathered near the gate of the dog park driveway. AYG to the second street light, then easy back to the first for 10 situps (more complaining from McGee about counting the light poles). AYG to the third, easy back to the second, situps. Repeat all the way to the end. My weinke was less detailed at this point – it said something like (“do stuff at the park”), so we improvised. We did plank walks with merkins on the parking spots, then 7s on a hill we found behind the building there. We explored a little more back there – some trails, a tennis court, picnic tables, sand volleyball – did some stuff, then AYG back to the gate. Ugh.

Recover with a little mary, then over to the playground. We discovered some fancy new playground equipment there, including a police line around a missing swing. There were lots of theories about what happened there, but we pressed on. Partner 1 does a hot lap around the lot while partner 2 does an exercise. Repeat for a few laps.

Then we headed back to the church via Indian Run, mixing in a little backwards/forwards running on the driveway. Time killers at the end included sets of 10 merkins, jumpups and dips on the picnic tables next to the building and the requisite “line up abreast and sprint to that other pole over there”. Done

I had low expectation for numbers this morning, but the guys came through. The rain mostly held off. If you don’t normally post on Saturdays, give it a try. The 7:00 start at RockZero is a nice change from the weekdays, and it’s a good group of guys. Today was a bonus since the rain meant everybody’s youth sports were cancelled, so we had a good crowd at Starbucks afterwards. Haze even stopped by again after his running club meeting.

Also, I’m having cake for breakfast.


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FlipperPosted on5:31 pm - Apr 7, 2018

That was a total smoker, even more impressive considering the “chose your own adventure” style weinke, and it left me wishing I had skipped the pre-run. Always a pleasure to have you return to the AO for a Q, although it’d be nice to see you on days you AREN’T in charge 😉

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