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What Teenagers Listened to 30 Years Ago

Bootcamps are awesome, everyone knows it, but YHC so rarely gets to enjoy them due to various reasons.  Whether its run training, busy summer schedules, or a decision to take a much needed morning off, it seems once a week is my high water mark these days.  So you can only imagine my delight when I get to not only post a Saturday morning ‘camp, but lead the men of DaVinci into the twilight of morning today.  Little did the men know Flipper’s traveling circus of pain had exited the garage again, and they were in for a treat beatdown.  7, no make that 10, PAX joined in the gloom and we were off.


Go run a quick lap around Best Buy while the Q finishes set up and then circle for COP consisting of IW, LSS and LSM.  The remainder of the workout consisted of station work:

-35# each hand Farmers Carry around the the cones was the timer

-Heavy Jump rope (or speed rope)

-Chest to plate overhead press with 44# plate

-80# sandbag deadlift

-60# sandbag overhead press

-30” step ups

-Box jumps choose your own adventure (20”, 24”, or 30”)

-Ball-over merkins

-40# slamball curl, press, and slam

-44# single hand KB swings

PAX rotated stations every time the farmers carry was completed.  In between full rotations we:

-Ran AYG to the far end of the lot and back

-Peoples chair with imperial march, lift left leg, lift right leg, then reverse walltar jai

-Wall Tar Jai mixed with elbow plank alternating leg lifts

After 4 full rounds, we finished with five minute o’ Mary.

Ye Skinny Molething:

-I’ve made it my personal mission to make gear workouts great again.  F3 is fantastic for fitness, but we’re sorely skewed towards cardio.  So when I have the chance I love to pack up the old circus and wring the pax out with some greater than body-weight resistance work.  The coolest thing is, despite the lack of prevalence, the PAX never shy away from gear.  Everyone is game, everyone gets after it, and everyone gets stronger.

-I’m convinced Rousey visits another plane of existence during workouts.  “Modify as necessary” isn’t just a suggestion for him, its a way of life.  Whether its 360s off the jump box, meandering farmers carries, or creative kettle bell creations, he made the workout his own and loved every second of it.  There is a level of enthusiasm there which truly warms the heart, and I’m a better man for having experienced it today.

-Seeing Doc in the gloom today really warmed my spirit.  While we’ve never been tight, Doc has always been a man who pushed me.  His determination and grit at workouts is legendary, so to see such a beast laid low by infirmity was something which impacted many of us deeply I know.  To see him this AM back to crushing workouts  and watch him pull away during the AYG just reinforces my belief in the power of the human spirit.

-C3PO is doing something right with his boys, those two are beasts.  I threw a literal gym’s worth of a equipment (more than some Marriotts I believe I overheard somebody say) and they just did work.  Up at 6:30 (well 6:33 was when they got there I think) and just crushing a challenging work out… Your dad game is strong my friend, well done.

-The music experienced technical difficulties today.  First I couldn’t get the speaker connected (Q fail) and then Pandora was playing the greatest middle school dance songs from the 80s instead of the Van Halen, Motley Crue, and AC/DC mix I’m used to from the station.  After Tears for Fears, Berlin, and Foreigner followed Billy Joel and Huey Lewis and the News, YHC began to skip songs.  Apparently there was a ToTo rag in there somewhere, as One Star began to brow-beat the DJ for apparent lack of class. A beating YHC well deserved in truth, but finally we got to Dynamite and things got back on track.

-Mighty Might was plugging his favorite gear workout, swole, for those at the workout who were unfamiliar with the appropriate bell swing form.  He also deadlifted both 80# bags during one of his sets, so clearly something is working for him.

-Soft Pretzel called me “Doc” at one point during the workout.  Either I’m doing something right, or he was hitting the weights so hard his mind was deprived of oxygen.  I’m betting mostly the latter, but I hope maybe a bit of the former was mixed in too.

-By the end of the workout, just in time for the mandatory family photo, most shirts had come off to be wrung out, as the PAX seem to have sweated through their garments to one degree or another.  Clearly the weinke did its job.   Take a nap boys, you’ve earned it.


It’s always a pleasure to work with the men of SOB, thank you for following and SYITG


PS… He chicken ran, but worth calling out a Happy Birthday to TurkeyLeg!  Not quite respect but very respectful.

Endurance running is a study in passion, in perseverance, in grit, and in determination.  When we race, we ask our bodies to operate at the limit of their capacity for significantly extended periods of time.  By the final third of every race our legs are heavy, our lungs are burning, our minds are exhausted, and we just want to be done.  However, it is often in this final third where the race is won or lost.  Whether we’re running for a personal best, trying to beat the guy we signed up with, or finally capture that elusive age group podium, our last chance to hit our goals come in the final third.

The next 5 weeks of swift will be focused on helping us maximize our potential and perform with strength in the final third of our races.  It will feel a little different for long standing Swift veterans, but the goal is the same, making better runners through targeted training.  In addition to training the body, this program is about training the mind.  We will be building the power, but also the restraint, necessary to peak at the right time, and finish the race with excellence.

I will be updating this pre-blast weekly to share the next stage of the training, so that home or abroad you are able to work through the program and realize the benefits.


Week 1: tale of two 1600s

-Warmup to the bull ring via direct route and complete Swift-Staple dynamic stretching

-At the top of the bull ring, commence the following ladder:

-1600 w/ 800 recovery

-800 w/ 400 recovery

-400 w/ 200 recovery

-200 w/ 200 recovery

-400 w/200 recovery

-800 w/400 recovery

-1600 w/ 800 recovery

-Each and every one of us will run this ladder at different paces, however the idea here is to get fast in the second rep at each distance.  Additionally recovery should be in the neighborhood of our usual “steady state run”. So, for me, I’m going to go for my first 1600 at 10k pace w/ recovery around 8:30/mile, my 800 around 5k pace and same recovery pace, my 400 around mile pace, and my 200 around an 800 race pace.  When climbing back up the ladder I’m going to aim to take about 15-20 seconds a mile off the prior rep.  So, if I run my first 1600 in ~6:50, my last should be around 6:30. (In order to develop your recommended paces, check out and use a recent time trial or near race performance to gauge your equivalent paces.)

Week 2: Ben for the win

-Warmup to Harney & Rushmore intersection for dynamic Stretches

-3X 8 Minutes at 5k-10k pace, 2 minutes recovery at 10k-90 seconds per mile

-Mosey to the base of Ben Nevis

-30, 60, 90 seconds up Ben Nevis (if you summit in 90 seconds, head back down) 30 seconds rest once the 6 is in, then go again.  The effort on these should feel harder than your 1 miler by a good margin.  Not giving a pace target here, but you should be thoroughly gassed by the end of 90 seconds.  Repeato till 6:10.

-Mosey to launch




Running it back

YHC was talking with Deep Dish a few weeks back and offered to take a Q at Hawks Nest, lo and behold the day after Memorial Day was available.  If you don’t know YHC, or haven’t been around me during the May of any of the 8ish years I’ve been posting, you may not be aware of my fervor around remembering the fallen.  The 7 men who posted at HawksNest this morning were resoundingly reminded of that fact, and that my personal belief is Memorial Day = The Murph.


The Thang:

Run to OP and circle up for a quick  COP (IW X20, LSS X20)

Mosey to basketball courts and partner up

Partner 1 runs to one of the two playgrounds for 5 Pull-ups while Partner 2 completes merkins while they wait

Upon Partner 1’s return, both partners complete 15 air squats, then partner 2 heads out to complete 5 pull-ups while Partner 1 completes a set of merkins while they wait.

Flap Jack, Repeato, until both partners complete 10 sets of Pull-Ups

Mosey back to the launch point

Circle up for Mary consisting of Flutta, H2H, and Freddie Mercury



It was great to work out with a solid crew of PAX, where I believe the average age (less YHC) was 50+.  A very RESPECTful effort was offered by all.  YHC had intended to use effort in order to silence the mumble chatter for which the ‘nest is famous, but Trifuesnik was sleeping off their Memorial Day, so we just had strong PAX getting after it in relative silence.

Math is not my strong suit.  I had planned to do 3 person groups in order to ensure enough room on the various pull-up contraptions.  When the numbers turned out to be below average, YHC dropped to partners and flubbed the calculation on the squat count.  So a half-murph turned into a 50 count pull-ups, ~100-150 merkins, and the full 300 squats… Q fail.

F3 is good living, based on the examples provided by Snuka, Chopper, Hopper and Mr. Magoo.  I hope I am going half as strong in 12 years (yes I’m that stinking young boys).

There was quite a significant bit of “out-gassing,” audible over the chirping of birds and grunting of PAX, likely evidence of hops and beef enjoyed in droves over the long weekend.  Its a statement when there is so little mumble chatter during a workout that YHC is resorting to flatulence commentary to fill out a back blast…

Geraldo isn’t “fast for a big man,” he is just plain fast.  YHC tried to drop him on the half mile back to launch from OP, and he dogged me every step of the way, despite us reaching speeds in excess of 6:50/mile

It is always an honor to be trusted to lead, especially when its a group of Wiley veterans like this morning’s PAX.  I was smoked when I got home, hopefully they were as well.  Until next time…





Nobody loves the alligator

Week two of Runs & Guns started a bit more optimistically than week one, with YHC actually arriving on time for the 0515 pre run to meet up with TurkeyLeg and Toolbag who once again started at 0500 #dedication.  Add in site FNG Jello and we were off for a quick out and back to Day Zero (or in that direction if you didn’t want to run in the low 7s).  Upon arrival back at the launch we were greeted by Goonie, Madison and Orangewhip.  Joker arrived not quite on two wheels and then it was 0530.  Healthy briefing was given which was mildly disclaimer like and we got started.



Agility ladder w/ ~40 yard sprint then mosey around the island and back to the start for 10 minutes.

Mobility Cycle:

Malasana prep squat alternating with Forward Fold

Forward Fold Squat w/ fingers under toes

Runners Lunge alternating with Hamstring stretch

Figure four stretch

Inch Worm

Knee to elbow Bearcrawl


Advanced Alligator

Strength Circuit:

Return of the 10 X Box Jump as the “timer”

Ball-Over Merkins

Single Leg Squat

Strict Curl-Squat-Press & Slam with 40# ball

Scorpion Merkins

Clean & Press w/ 60# bag

Bird-Dog Merkins

Depth Charges





-Welcome Jello, OrangeWhip, Madison & Joker to the mildly demented musings of an under exercised mind.  Good effort from everyone today as we introduced a few new movements and stretched the credibility of the definition of “bootcamp.”  RnG isn’t ever going to be a high intensity workout, the very nature of the mobility segment in the middle prevents that from occurring.  That said, the strength circuit seems to be a crowd pleaser.

-YHC finds himself coaching form more often than I had thought I would, but doing things correctly prevents injury and maximizes results, so there you have it.  Hopefully the PAX appreciate the feedback #pursuitofperfection

-Joker  seemed to particularly appreciate the mobility work as he paused to comment “my hips feel great!”  At nearly 50 years young, mobility is a great way to spice up your fitness routine, especially if you’re a former Nantan.

-OrangeWhip cheats… he just does.  I’ve yet to find something he can’t do well.  Between slaying the agility to sprint cycle and hitting the 30 inch jumps X 10 in what felt like 25 seconds, he was the PAX to beat all morning. T-claps

-Grasshopper was not in attendance today, having posted something on slack late last night about excess celebration.  YHC also over indulged yesterday evening, however when you’re both the site Q and the QIC, the fartsack is not an option… it shouldn’t be for anyone else either so when you see ‘hopper give him some mumble-chatter.

-Goonie clearly played football at some point in his life as his ladder to sprint form was impeccable.

-Jello was embarrassing all of us with his flexibility #balletdad

-YHC is grateful to the PAX for trusting me with their future speed, and I’m enjoying putting together this new format.  That said, looking forward to having a few other Qs step up, if you want to lead RnG let me know!




Return of the Ringmaster – A Bagpipe Story

COVID-19, the destroyer of so many things we held dear.  Hospitality and Tourism industries may never be the same after the last 18 months, crowded bars and concert venues will likely feel very different when live entertainment returns in force, and Flipper’s Traveling Circus of Pain was shuttered for 18 months.  But, thankfully, we are beginning to emerge from the pandemic induced miasma, and so it was with great joy that YHC buttoned up my metaphorical silver-buttoned jacket before heading into the gloom this morning.  It was time for the three rings of downpainment to return to the PAX of South Charlotte, and no more fitting a place then where it was all born almost 5 years ago, Bagpipe.  The Tax Man cometh, the bean counter Lorax surrendered his Q, and thus the plan was set in motion.

The Thang:

Mosey to the lot adjacent to Loch Ness and circle up for IW, LSS, Moroccan Night Club, and mumble-chatter induced Burpees.

Unload the truck then divide the PAX into 2 groups.  While one group ran to the pull-up bars to complete 10 Pull-Ups per PAX (2 at a time and other PAX do Merkins while they waited) the other group would complete a circuit of:

-Front (or shoulder) squats w/ 80# sandbag

-35# KB swings

-45# Plate Burpees

-Clean & Press w/ 60# sandbag

-40# Slamball slams

-10X 20″, 24″ or 30″ box jumps (this was the timer for rotating to the next station).


Rotate through as each group of PAX returned, the other ran, flap-jack, repeato.  Group Two took 4 trips to the bars, group 1 only got 3.

Mosey back to the launch point for a couple quick minutes of Mary.

Calliope Moleskine:

-I LOVE BAGPIPE.  What a great AO for a Tuesday morning bootcamp.  Great features to add texture to the weinke, and pull-up bars are hard not to use.  I don’t get to post or Q often as often my 2nd morning of the week goes to speed work at Swift.  The Silverlining of PT mandated “low intensity” running this quarter is my availability to step in when Lorax went down.  I really need to find a way to make Bagpipe a feature of my routine from time to time even when I don’t have medically induced intervalitis.

-The PAX (well the 5 I could hear) grumbled mightily about the addition of weight to the workout.  This just means gear needs to be used more frequently (check out Proving Ground or Swole/Meathead/Olympus boys, worth the trip).  Body weight is fantastic, but we need to find more opportunities to use weight to create well rounded strength.  Hopefully the sore shoulders and quads this afternoon will remind the PAX of this.

-YHC hit a 30″ box jump for the first time in YEARS this morning.  Adding plyometrics back into my routine is starting to pay off and it felt good.  Getting out of our boxes and creating discomfort yields results.  Several other PAX also hit 30″, no small feat for white men who can’t jump.

-Frehly’s started out the morning with lots of jokes (hence the burpees in COP) but was quickly quieted.  The only thing I like more than mumble-chatter is silencing it with a brutal workout.  Unfortunately the circuit failed to have the same effect on his flatulence, perhaps we’ve found the real reason for the drop-off in PAX numbers at the ‘pipe

-Bagpipers were ~1 minute late to COT and our Swift brethren were already on to Name-o-Rama when we pulled up.  YHC promptly Shanghaid the proceedings and forced a re-start which received no small amount of mumble chatter. “pretty sure we know how many of us there are.”  “This again?”  Tough crowd, but appreciated them humoring me.  To me, COT is such a huge symbol of what this F3 thing is all about.  No matter our size, our speed, our workout of choice, we come together at the end of our suffering and acknowledge those who struggle beside us.  Not only do we acknowledge their physical struggle in the gloom, but we stand with them as they grapple with life as well.  YHC knows the men of F3 because of COT, and the shield lock it emulates and reinforces.

-Thanks to Cooter and Cable-Guy for tolerating the circus on their watch, and thanks to PAX for hanging with me.  It is always an honor to lead in the gloom, hopefully my lead today was worthy of that honor.




-The return of Crane Relay (August?  not remembering the date but keep your eyes peeled for announcements).  This is such a great race, even Tagalong breaks out the running shoes.

-Last week to donate lightly used running/athletic  shoes as we support our FIA sisters effort.  Bring them to a site this week and the Site Qs will get them to the appropriate party.  Or ping me and I’ll meet you and get them to Cheese Curd

-Functional Strength Challenge this coming Saturday, 0700 at Olde Providence.  Deadlift, Snatch and Pull-Ups max reps for time (got it right that time Frehly’s!)

-Runs & Guns, a running focused strength workout launched this past Monday and will run all summer.  0530 (0515 pre-run) at Calvary Church (Anvil launch point).

Nothing Goes According to Plan… And thats ok!

You would think YHC would be able to effectively execute a plan which had been months in the making… but you would be wrong.  Between poorly times alarm, out of sync morning “rituals” and defective technology, I was ~20 minutes late arriving at Calvary this morning.  This meant no pre-run, hasty set up, and a flustered disposition as the premier episode of Runs and Guns kicked off this morning at 0530.  Three PAX pre-ran and pulled in around 0531 to join YHC, Retread and Goonie, and so we were off!


Mosey to avenue of trees for a brief on the warmup.  Progress from mosey to all-out as you run up the avenue, make a right and recovery mosey around to the last lot and then back to the start.  Repeated 3X to get the legs good and warm.

Mosey back to the truck for mobility work:

-Runners Lunge both sides

-Front Fold

-Front Fold Squat to Stand (hands under toes)

-Side Lunge into Hamstring stretch both sides

-Inchworm Crawl

-Knee To Elbow Bear Crawl

-Alligator Crawl

At this point we pivoted to weighted circuit where 1 PAX was the on the box for 15 well-executed box jumps while the other PAX rotated stations for 5 reps each of:

-Deadlift (120, 80 or 60 lbs sandbags)

-Front squat or shoulder squat (80 or 60)

-Overhead Weighted Lunge (40 lbs)

-Squat to Slam (40# slam ball)

-Pistol Squats (70# in Kbs)

Kept rotating stations while PAX hit their 15 reps on the box until everyone had a set and finished with “Depth Charge” Broad Jumps in rotation.


Ye Ole Moleskine:

Thanks to the 5 PAX who came out and made this morning’s launch a successful one.  YHC has spent no small amount of time preparing to bring this format to life and then an equal time wondering if it would be a success.  I guess time will tell, measured by whether or not the PAX return.  Admittedly this isn’t your standard boot camp, and asks soccer armed runners (in some cases) to do movements with weight with which may be new, so today’s pacing was on the slow side.  As familiarity builds, the workouts will get more intense.   It is YHC’s hope this workout will not only serve to help the PAX build the strength to run faster by the end of the summer, but also equip them with a new set of tools to help in their own acceleration away from the gloom.  Like I said, time will tell..

Next week we’ll take a look at more core and upper body focused movements, with a similar format to this week.



Hi WAMRAP, Abe Froman here

YHC had been haranguing Transporter to come be part of the ‘Rap for several weeks, and was confident today was the day he would show up.  Sure enough, as YHC jogged up to the launch point, ‘Porter and Dasher were among the PAX assembled for the weekly bad idea.  If you caught the fact YHC jogged in, it is because I had planned a special surprise for our visitors from Waxhaw, and the regular attendees had to suffer as well, but more on that in a minute.  By 0528, there were seven of us gathered ’round and guesses were abounding as to why my was not present.  By 0530 Poptart and Turkeyleg had arrived on two wheels, and we were off.


Mosey to the third floor of the deck where, surprise surprise, the truck was waiting with a bed full of coupons.  Each PAX got a friend for the duration of the workout, ranging from a 30 lbs. ruck plate up to a 20 kg olympic plate.

From the bottom of the ramp to 4, 10 lunge walks each leg, carrying the coupon

Return to bottom of ramp with coupon in Overhead Carry position

10 overhead press with the coupon

Run to the top of the ramp for 1 burpee (the burpee was a “counter rep” so it escalates by 1 each round)

Down the stairs and over to the wall for 10 dips, 10 split squats each leg

Run across to the bottom of the far stairs.  2 hand release bird dog merkins (at the top of the merkin raise opposite hand & foot).  this was the second “counter” set, so escalate by 2 each round

Run up to 3 and back to your coupon…. Rinse and repeat until 0608

Regather at the truck and head back to the launch point at which point we had 5 minutes remaining, circle up for… ABE FROMAN (Each PAX planks and then one PAX starts a series of sequential merkins, 1 each all the way around the circle, then 2, then 3 etc.  If you come out of plank or can’t complete a rep, you’re out).  We made it to 9 before we ran out of time and YHC, OT and the Waxhawns were still going strong.



*YHC should have thought ahead on coupons instead of just randomly handing them out of the back of the truck, Dasher and Transporter both could have benefitted from heavier coupons than the 35# plates they ended up with.  This surely was why they left everyone in the dust… yeah, thats it.

*OT didn’t care for the heavy plate he was given, and swapped for a 35# KB after the first set #veteranmove

*EE on the other hand rocked the 20 kg weight the entire ‘Rap and stayed with the pack so kudos dude

*Once again it was the story of the leaders and the pack, tho this week the minimal running and leg heavy format found TL in the pack vs. out front.

*This was the first appearance of the “Traveling Circus of Pain” since the coupons were put away over a year ago at the beginning of COVID.  I don’t believe the PAX were happy to see the coupons, but the coupons were happy to see them.  Nothing shared, yet, but that time is a coming!

*YHC ended up with a 40 lbs. slam ball and realized pretty quickly during the lunge walks that switching shoulders half way through made a huge difference.  Crazy what just a little extra weight can do.

*WAMRAP is usually a pretty upper body focused workout, so the intent today was to really torch the legs.  Mission accomplished as YHC was barely able to climb the stairs when I got home #selfsmoked

*No ALF or McGee today, so a good chance for others to lead the way, and lead they did.  A shorter circuit meant Transporter and Dasher finished the 8th set while the rest got 7.  BURLY



-Stone-chicken CSAUP this Saturday, see Tuck for details.  2 bootcamps and over 13 miles if you do the whole thing

-Waxhaw Trailfest on 5/1, should be a good time.  Sounds like 60+ PAX from 7 regions are coming down for this incredible relay race event.  See Pre-blast, Dasher, Kid Rock, or Tuck for additional details.

-F3 Functional Fitness Challenge on 5/22. KB Centric event focused on measuring how burly you are.  See Pre-blast or High Tide for details.




New Company… Who Dis?

***Ghostwritten for Alf as he is “too busy” to write backblasts.  Come on man, its not like you just entered the world of self employment… oh wait.***

As per usual, the 8 PAX who showed up in the darkish Waverly parking lot had no idea what was in store for them.  In truth, who was Qing was decided somewhere between 0528 and “lets mosey.”  Alf had the worst idea, so thats what we did.

The Thang:

Run towards and then past the parking garage, up past the office building and to the big roundabout.  10 Shoulder-Tap Merkins

Run back towards the townhouses but turn right up the hill to the apartments for 10 lunges each leg at the top of the hill

Run back down the hill and turn right towards the townhouse construction at the north end of the parking garage, run into the alley behind them and complete 10 double-merkin burpees

Run up the near stairs in the parking garage to the top for 10 dragon flags.  Run  across the top and down the far stairs and back to the roundabout

-Repeat until you puke… er… till 0612


Ye Olde Moleskinny:

YHC hates WAMRAP.  Its hard, it makes my arms hurt, and try as I might I CANNOT catch Alf.  Today was run heavy so co-short arm advantage beneficiary Turkey Leg stayed on the lead lap with the great short one himself. So, I got to chase two PAX of diminutive stature around the course.  TL sure got rid of his “rusty arms” from two weeks ago pretty quickly, must have been all that Rocky Mountain air.

Speaking of chasing Alf, I’m not entirely sure his “I made double merkin burpees to force full range of motion” logic applies.  Men with 12 inch arms shouldn’t be permitted to force those of us who are of average stature to endure good form… head bobs are exercises too dangit!

PopTart showed at WAMRAP again this week, if he keeps this up he may develop a reputation for posting with consistency… Darn strong performance today and we may have a ‘Rap regular on our hands.

EE and Horsehead may have had the most country sounding greeting in the gloom I’ve heard in some time.  Not exactly sure what they were talking about but I’m pretty sure it was in a foreign dialect.  Speaking of the equine headman, somebody needs to remind him that dayglo yellow is good for running, but at WAMRAP we get on the ground and so your shirt may get dirty…

Spare Parts continues to grind it out week in and week out.  While he may have been at the back early, by the end of the workout he and OT had pulled even with the main pack where they were 5 strong.  They also were doing MARY in a rough circle when the leaders plus my tired ass stumbled in at 06:15:30.  #overacheivers

Next week, rumor has it, Transporter will set his alarm and actually show up.  I’ll plan something exceptionally devious for him.






-4/17 South Mountain CSAUP.  Somebody, ANYBODY, ppppuuuuuhlease go run the mountains with Midriff.  I’m almost tempted to skip Ville to Ville so he won’t do it alone, but then Hoover would eat me.

-5/1 WTF relay CSAUP down on the Carolina Thread Trail.  The Waxhaw guys have put together a good one here boys, go on down and spend a day running in the woods with some buddies and enjoying good food with your 2nd F.

-5/22 F3 Functional Strength Challenge:  Pick things up and put them down with Hightide and the other meatheads.  Great format for a quick test of how strong you aren’t.  Will probably result in a significant swelling in the number of MeatOlympSwollians… or not… its a pretty exclusive crowd.

Flying Harbor Freight Grinder

I wish I was making this up, but I’m not… but more on that later.  YHC arrived at RZ a little early and while I was sitting in my truck I felt almost like Mr. Burns developing a conniving plan of dastardly deeds.  You see, I hadn’t Q’d (or posted for that matter) at Rock Zero in months and it was important I effectively reminded the PAX just how twisted and dark my imagination truly could be… little did I know I wouldn’t even take 3rd place for darkness on this day… but more on that later.  At precisely 0700, YHC delivered a half hearted disclaimer to 11 other PAX and commenced our shuffle towards COP.


SSH, 1 burpee OYO, IW, 2 Burpee OYO, LSS, 3 Burpee OYO, Mtn Climber, 10 merkins, Peter Parker, 10 Merkins, Parker Peter, 4 Burpees OYO

At some point OT showed up to make our number 13, and off we went to the hot box.

Peoples chair w/ Alternating Knee Lifts IC, Balls to the Wall, People’s chair w/ right then left static hold, Balls to the Wall, People’s Chair w/ Air Presses, Balls to the Wall.

5 Burpees OYO

Mosey around to the picnic tables for table sets of Lil Hazes, Dips and Derkins of various amounts alternating with running to trash cans in sequence for matching number of burpees (1st, 2nd, 3rd etc.)

Mosey to grassy knoll, 6 Burpees OYO, Elevator – Bear Crawl Merkin series

Mosey to rock pile, 7 burpees OYO, pick a partner and a rock then walk to nearby parking lot.

Catch me if you can with one partner doing sets of 40, 30, 20 and then 10 merkins while other partner Lungester Walked (lunge each leg then thruster w/ rock).

8 Burpees OYO.  Catch me if you can with 20, 15, 10, 5 jump squats while other partner counter-rotation lunge walks w/ rock.

Return rocks, mosey back to grassy knoll for more elevator-bear

Mosey back to hot box for 20 step ups, 20 dips, 20 incline merkins & then peoples chair and B2W

Mosey back to launch for lil bit o Mary and then 10 burpees to seal the deal




For those paying attention, its MarchMadness, and therefore Flipper Qs merkins.  The idea for today was to make lifting anything at or above shoulder height for the remainder of the weekend nearly impossible.  Sound off below if YHC failed his goal.

During one of the HotBox sets YHC overheard a conversation regarding crappy harbor freight power tools which included “remember when I threw the flaming grinder out the window?”  And “You can put a cat through a wet saw”. I wish I was kidding but… #horsehead

Apparently YHC has an intimidating cadence count voice as several PAX seemed driven to provide color commentary which was borderline degrading to my gorgeous baritone, nice try fellas, I will not be swayed.

Alf seemed to object to the shoulder focused weinke.  In part this was due to his REALLY REALLY STRENUOUS self inflicted sandbag workout from Friday.  I suppose the other part was the 420 merkins I “made him” do at WAMRAP on Wednesday.  #you’rewelcome

It was awesome to see BLC, Hammer, Floorslapper, Slingshot and other RZ regulars again, especially as “certain people” modified their way through the second half of the workout.  Horsehead was also there.  He clearly has inspired Boonedock to be more inane than he is.  #winningatlife

In all seriousness I was incredibly blessed to have the opportunity to lead these fine men into the gloom this morning, thank you as always to Hoover and Geraldo for their leadership, and their willingness to allow my shenanigans at their site.  #oldmanagement

5 Meatheads joined us for COT and the takeout.



-5/22: Hightide’s F3 Functional Fitness Challenge

-5/1: WTF (Waxhaw Trail Fest)

-4/17: South Mountain CSAUP

-RutbreakerSeries, seriously people, join the slack channel!


Return to form: a WAMRAP story

Yeah yeah yeah, I know, WAMRAP doesn’t do backblasts.  The south-lands most reputable “off the books” workout has enjoyed its time in the shadows much too long.  Don’t worry, this won’t be long, as it is hard to write much about a workout which consists of the the same things over and over and over again.  So, I’ll keep it brief.

The Thang:

Mosey to the deck (of course)


1st floor, 1 burpee, up the stairs

2nd floor, 2 jump squats, up the opposite stairs

3rd floor, 3 6 inch plank jacks, up the original stairs

4th floor, 4 LBCs, run to top of ramps

Down the ramps w/ 10 merkins at the top and bottom of every ramp (60 in total each round)

Repeat the above but escalating the reps on each floor times the number of the round (IE 2,4,6,8 for round 2, 3,6,9,12 for round 3 etc).  Merkin count stayed the same.

Everyone completed at least 5 rounds with the leaders getting through most of the first half of round 8

Mosey back to the start for Fluttah, Protractor, H2H




When pulling into the lot thought it was odd to see Turkeyleg’s dad-mobile.  While he has been a frequenter of WAMRAP in the past, a marathon in his very near future seemed to be a counter-indicator for redline exertion.  Then Garcia, Tigerrag, and Frasier showed up to complete the picture that this was a run meetup site since those 3 NEVER touch the ground anymore.  Good luck to TR and TL as they head north for the Chesapeake Strider’s Marathon this weekend.  #bostonorbust

Alf and Orange Whip are not human, that is a fact.  Though I think I give the edge to O Dub given Alf’s short arm advantage.  Dasher hung with them through 5 and still was starting round 8 when we called it.  Dude is Burly.

EE was chasing YHC the entire time and was rarely more then a merkin set behind, kept me motivated throughout, thanks for the push brother!

Christmas, Spare Parts, Ironsides, The illustrious Poptart, and Beetlejuice all threw down and were silenced by the effort from round 3 on.  Sign of doing some strong work.

The thing I love about WAMRAP is it truly is You vs. You.  A PAX can make the workout as hard as they want, or need, on any given day.  My man Beetlejuice showed up at YHC’s request, having no idea what he was in for.  Even coming off bilateral shoulder injuries, he found a way to make the circuit work for him, and was wrung out by the end of the 45 minutes.  He may have given me the side eye, but I think he’ll be back.

I miss the days with Purrel and Rachael were WAMRAP regulars, they would put Alf and the one time WAMRAP great McGee in their rearview and never look back.  Just goes to show even the strong have something to aspire to.  We all need somebody to chase, ISI and all that.

Final thought, it is great to be back to bootcamps.  After 6 months of non-stop run training, YHC is tired of the endless miles.  Yes, there is another Marathon training block in my future, but until then Wednesdays at the ‘RAP are on repeat.






-WTF Ragnar style trail relay on 5/1 (see Dasher)

-South Mountain CSAUP on 4/17 (see Midriff)

-Keep your eyes peeled for an announcement for a Stonhenge-Davinci CSAUP thingy (see War Eagle)

-Functional Fitness Challenge (

-Rutbreaker Series Details coming soon (see slack channel or Flipper)