Roses and thorns

Roses and thorns

3/9ths and 2/12ths of 2 BRR teams joined forces to share our highs and lows of the morning.

launch from ye olde liquor house at the arboretum. Head east down 51 to Rain tree. Left and on down to wind bluff rd.

quick instruction of peaks/valleys workout with merkins at top and squats at bottom x 10. And go!

Joker and alf got 3 laps while Benny, retread and YHC did 2.25ish

anywhere between 300 and 400 exercises and 3-4 miles later we hoofed it on back to launch. At 51 we stopped to hit a fast 5k pace back on to launch.

Moleskin: YHC had some simple ideas for this morning. Hill repeats and exercises. It’s a grinder and we got some Strava segments in. There may have been some refusenik of hands touching the ground. But that’s what happens at a running workout.


blood drive next week. See Mighty Mite

look for some comz about A51 Xmas party soon.

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