It always looks better on paper

It always looks better on paper

It’s inevitable. You say to yourself, “Self, let’s make this easy on ourselves.” Then as you mull over “the plan” you add a little something here and there, then take away or theme it somehow. Two hours later you’ve crafted the “perfect” steaming pile of workout you can think of and avoided work successfully. Theme? Check. Cones? Check. Paper handouts? Check. Trivia? Check. Confusion and mutiny? Maybe. Let’s do this!

8 pax accepted the challenge of cold, wind and most certainly, pain. They came layered in spandex and sweats to battle the cold as best they could. Some had shorts. There were no t-shirts. I had the famous baklava. I looked silly, but remained toasty warm. #winning

Quick DCCS, partner up with similar speed and off we go, but not without 5 Burpees OYO. Stop quick as a possible LIFO drove in. Nope, just security. Well, we’re here already so let’s do some COP.

  • SSH x15
  • IW x15
  • Merkin x10
  • Mtn Climber x10.

All warmed up, we mosey out to the lot adjacent to HWY 51 where I introduced a rather aggressive Weinke. But first a message from Monday. It was Veteran’s Day, I missed it. Well a workout at least. But hey, we can celebrate veterans any day right? RIGHT! So we did. Introducing the Calvary Asphalt Post-Veteran’s Day Trivia Challenge. It’s simple. No really, it is. Pshhft. Whatever!

We started at the first parking lot row and answered a Military Trivia Question. The answer held our fate as number of reps in exercises.

Q. How many branches of the US military are there?*

Answered correctly by Lorax. We now do Merkins at each row end and beginning incrementing by 1 starting at 1. 🙂 11 stops = 66 Merkins, 6 rows = .5 miles.

Q. What was the Air Force formerly known as?*

Wrong! Thanks Snowflake, Space Force is incorrect. Time for Squats. The penalty for insubordination is multiply the reps by 2 at each stop starting at 1 and incrementing. He subsequently stated, “I guess it doesn’t pay to be sarcastic.” 132 squats and .5 more miles we arrived at our next question.

Q. What is the Smallest branch of military? (In the USA)*

Correct! Nice job Fallout. WWII sit-ups it is. 1 each stop with 1 increment. 66 WWII and .7 miles later lands us at question 4.

Q. What is the Navy Mascot?*

Wrong! Ok, I admit that was unfair, but really fun to hear some guesses. Penalty of 2x increment for SSH each stop. 132 SSH and another .7 miles got us to the start lot where we had to cut short our goal of running all the parking lot asphalt. But we still got time, one more question and exercise set. This ones for all the marbles!

Q. What was the Army in charge of exploring and mapping in America?*

Correct! Sweet 8lb baby boy, Snuka is an animal both physically and mentally. Burpees all around for the last 2 row runs. 15 Burpees later we arrived at the bottom of the launch lot where we laid down to die, but not before a called AYG to the cars. #waytoleaveitallouttheremen

As I said, this was an aggressive workout and my hope was to get all rows in which would get you 3 miles and up too 660 reps if you sucked terribly at trivia. Thank goodness we have brains to go with our brawn. I’m always amazed at the level of fitness in our Respect pax. I would put our guys vs your guys any day. #respect Next time we’ll get it all in. Here’s the link to strava route if you’re interested.

*Chime into the comments to try your hand at answering the questions from the workout. Or just google the answers if you’re a no fun having cotton ninny muggins.

Announcements: Xmas party RSVP is over, but I’m sure if you ask pretty pretty please with sprinkles on top, MightyMite will let you come. So do it. It’s always a blast and who doesn’t want to see F3 Karaoke.

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