Old Course for no men

Old Course for no men

Well, YHC will never attend another Xmas party as I got volun-told by one Geraldo to Q in the site q’s absence.

I tease about the never again stuff. That’s just how F3 rolls. We’re all about the starfish. With that in mind YHC didn’t want to think/remember a complicated wienke. While G and Hoover were no doubt carrying heavy things at a local GoRck event by 7am – 8 rugged pax and 2 iron tossing, very gullible, Olympus pax ventured out to see what Rea Rd has to offer.

Quick jog out to the front of Calvary. Skeerrrt… Turn around and grab the LIFOs. I thought we got all that out of the way with floorslapper classically :30 late but no, he would be outdone by OT. Gotta love a Saturday morning. Things are always a little slower to get going.

COP for SSH, IW, Low Slow Squat, Mtn Climbers and Merkins x 10 in cadence. All warm we took entrance 3 out to rea.

Long run down to Bevington and plank to wait on the six. Take the long uphill haul to Old Course.

Quick instruction on peaks/valleys. It sounds like it says, surprise surprise. On the peak 5 Merkins. In the valley 5 squats. Stop at the stop sign – about 3/4 mile with 13 combined peaks/valleys. Repeato back out to Rea with CCD in valley and Jump Squats on the peak. Squats got those quads and glutes firing after nice uphill climbs. 230ish exercises and about 250 elevation in dem hills.

Slow mosey back to bevington. Wall sit w/50 arm raises to wait on the six. Strong push up the hill to entrance 4, also known as the forbidden hill at Calvary. But when the cats away the mice will play. One all you got up the steep incline and jog back to the launch.

Six minutes of Mary and we’re done.

4.5 miles does a body good. Now that you’ve earned that extra IPA tonight you can thank me later.


Taco Party next Friday. See SOB slack channel for more info. There will be some questionable beverages post workout.

Prayers for friends of Stalker whose lil girl is fighting cancer.

As always, it’s a pleasure to lead the fine men of F3. Merry Christmas to everyone. I hope this year has been good to you and next is looking good. Cheers


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