Hey Man, Don’t Pull My Hose.

Hey Man, Don’t Pull My Hose.

4 was the magic number this am for a little ruckity-ruck at SACS. YHC pulled up and surprised the fellas with a 40 foot one eyed monster that could have choked a donkey and made Dirk Diggler proud.

Grab my hose and mosey on down to the track. We took turns yanking and pulling all the way around the track for close to 2 miles in 45ish minutes. Needless to say we were all a little tuckered after this workout. You might even believe that some naughty talk originated from CC’s face-hole. Why wouldn’t it? We’re middle aged men and still have the maturity level of teenagers.

We encountered the elusive TigerBall in the wild. The shirtless and clothed alike put down some track miles followed by a spirited frolic through the woods to Davie and back to where ever they came from. When asked if they wanted to grab our hose and join in the good living, they graciously declined. They may have said, “Good work” after we knocked out a 400 in under 2:00 with all four of us manning the wretched hose while looking like some version of the human centipede.

Quote of the morning goes to Geraldo. “This feels unnatural”, with regard to dragging the hose while bear crawling and receiving a little oil check from said hose. Dirty little bugger. Glad he went last with that maneuver as he said, “No more for me”. Understandable.

Wild Turkey gets the “enthusiasm” award for this morning as I think he was the most happy lugging that awkward pile of firehose around. Also, “best hair”. Let your soul shine through.

Cheese Curd gets the “bounceback” medal as he seemed to get stronger throughout the workout. He can add that to his WTF race win. #YoureWelcome

Kuddos to the guys for embracing my shenanigans. What I lack in complexity I make up for in on the spot creativity.

Announcements: Sign up for CLT GrowRuck – it will be fun and already has 50 fellas looking forward to a classic F3 CSAUP weekend.

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