Commitment – twinkle toes sub Q

Commitment – twinkle toes sub Q

Saturday morning. A little light dusting of the snow came last night while we were all nestled in our beds with visions of Popeye dancing in our heads.

5 minutes early arrival

I read the playhouse to see what was the chatter

one said “unofficial” OYO

and hike the other said “roads are fine” and he was running through the trails

i arrived to find no one here, so I did what anyone else would do and covered the Q.

DCCS covered – gorgeous morning

head for a mile mosey to warm up

SSH, IW, merkins, LBCs and j-los

mosey for 3.5 miles

Crap, it’s only been 30 minutes. Bored out of my mind. Keep running thinking about Strava art

mosey mosey mosey

sprints, then rocks, then merkins, then more mosey, mosey mosey.

get to 4.

get to 5.

say hello to officer on his patrol here at Kensington, “all good, everyone else stayed in so…” alright now you be good – he says with a smile.

finish with high stepping more merkins and 100 LBCs.

back blast.
I learned that I would not be here if I had to do it this way every week. Week in week out, individually. I don’t say much during the workout, it’s fun to hear the chatter about others, their jabs, jokes, laughing, pushing, sweating and connect and make sure a fellow pax got past that hurdle they have been trying to at work or at home or out here.

we have worked out in much worse and I missed you guys today.



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