No Upper Body Hump Day

No Upper Body Hump Day

Warm Up – Mosey from COT to Globe by the High School.  Stretches, Imperial Walkers.

The Thang – Mosey down driveway on the side of school, stopping at every light for 10 Bobby Hurley’s, down to the end of the parking lot.  Mosey to benches at Middle School cafeteria.  10 big boys, 40 American Hammers, lap around track.  20 step ups, lap around track.  another exercise (leg or ab), lap around track, 50 lbc’s.  Mosey to Middle School entrance.  40 step ups.  10 big boys, 40 american hammers, grab wall and 50 air presses.  Mosey to globe.  Back down driveway, stopping at every light for 10 low slow squats all the way back to COT. 100 toe taps at curb.  Run to opposite end of parking lot, 20 Mary Catherine, run back, 20 mary catherines, back to COT, flutters until time.

Moleskin – When Premature asked me to Q, I let him know I’m happy to, but because of a partial tear in my arm, I’m under Dr.’s orders for no upper body until the new year.  He was cool with it.  So we did what I could (not that I do it well), but running – 2.7 miles, leg and ab work.

Thanks to the 4 other guys for showing up.

Announcements – Christ Closet on Friday 4-7, Saturday 6:30am-3pm, serve whatever time you can give, 2.0’s and M’s welcome, see Group me for details.

One Star took us Out.

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