It’s Monday. Smoke up!

It’s Monday. Smoke up!

YHC was the first to arrive at the AO known as The Lycan this morning, followed by Posse, Dunkin, Chainsaw, and Ghosted at 05:30:21 – LIFO.  Dunkin planted the shovel flag – bless you brother!

No disclaimer given to this crew…not necessary…and they were fully aware this was YHC’s first post at The Lycan…what could go wrong? Did a quick drive to the bus lot at the back of the school before parking…that was the sum total of recon conducted.

We launched at 05:30:47, having waited for Ghosted and thought there was another pax in his car; but turns out that was a Waxhaw Elementary employee deftly navigating the small print of the “No Smoking” on campus….while school is in session/students are present.

On our first run around the back towards the bus lot, there were apparently a couple other employees exercising the right to darken their lungs before first bell.  Also may have been an illicit exchange of some kind going on back there…but this report was unconfirmed at the time this backblast went to print.

So a little Thang to go in this Moleskinnage:  We did some 7’s on the hill with burpees & hand-release merkins.  The AO was pretty well-lit (it’s no SCLTMS – darkest AO in all of South Charlotte).  Posse suggested headlamp, which I grabbed but never turned on and ultimately put on top of my truck during a run-by.  We never left campus….it’s a bootcamp workout.

Anyhoo, Posse also corrected and educated YHC on the difference between 7’s and Jacob’s Ladder.  During some People’s Chair, he screamed: “Check the Exicon you jack wagon!”

Gave Ghosted some grief for his NY Jets lid, but did add that the Jets are much preferred to the Giants.  Posse was surprised Ghosted didn’t retaliate with a colorful New York retort or two.

Was going to call some jump ups on the benches in front of the school, but that would have meant an immediate F3Waxhaw service project opportunity this weekend.  Add that to the list, men.  Seriously.  I’ll join you.

Speaking of PSA’s:  Blood Drive this Saturday at Weddington UMC – 11am to 3:30pm.  Sign up (don’t have link?) because it’s the right thing to do.  Scratch that…it’s the loving thing to do.  “Greater love has no one than this: to lay down one’s life for one’s friends.” – Jesus of Nazareth

We did some other stuff including some inclines, derkins and dips on a the ‘little baby wall’.

The last 4-5 minutes of the downpainment got a touch dangerous with all the smoking educators rolling in.  Breathe deeply, men!   Love the faint, distant smell of a pipe or cigar….cigarettes not so much.  Nothing like plankorama and 6 MoM with a Marlboro Red burning the nostrils.

One last thing, T-claps to Posse for following YHC about 12 miles north after the downpainment as my truck was laboring greatly.  No Man Left Behind….my Silverado might not be so fortunate.

Good being with you, men.  Thanks to Dunkin for the Q-tap.

Go EH some guy.  He needs it, and so do you.

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