Cleaning the Rat Traps

Cleaning the Rat Traps

YHC arrived somewhat early…site Q Magoo was first in…not including the dude cleaning out the rat traps around SCMS.  Next on Mike Rowe’s “Dirty Jobs”.  Looked like the rat cleaner’s bucket was fairly full; apparently the deluge last night chased the rats into the traps.

Rousey was LIFO…after pulling into the wrong lot initially.   No disclaimer needed for the veteran crew.

Didn’t recognize Hammer’s vehicle…took him a while to disembark; though the 3 identical Clempson stickers across the back window were a dead giveaway.  Question for the pax: Have you ever seen just 1 Clempson sticker/emblem/etc on a vehicle?  I haven’t – it’s always 2 or more.  YIPTAY!

Anyhoo, we launched, and below is a bit of Thang but mostly Moleskinney.

COP at the daycare at corner of Strawberry/51.  Ironically named “Cadence”.  Speaking of Cadence:  exercise movements of the pax and Q should actually match the cadence.  Hence the name.  #freeadvice    Snuka, you listening?  #cadencematters  Counting cadence actually helps your breathing, too…true story.

We then headed towards Davie park, stopping for some pain stations along the way.  Thunder broke out the workout hankie.  It’s summertime, men.   Speaking of workout hankies – who else in SCLT employs such accoutrements besides Thunder & Frehleys?  Seems like Haze, Jet Fuel…maybe High Tide?  Others?

Did some burpees a few different times.  Also explained why wide-arm merkins are aka Larry Craig’s.  Don’t google it.

All were pushing hard.  Macarena was purposeful…as he’s getting married in 3 weeks!  Congratulations and God’s grace and blessings to you and your fiancée.

Limey was out front a good bit, sporting his John “Bluto” Blutarsky shirt.  Outstanding.

No idea how much ground we covered…probably 2.27 miles; did the aforementioned burpees and other stuff.

Also, reminisced about how stupid we were when we used to forage through the woods from SCMS to Davie Park.  I think Joker or Callaway started that silliness.  Yep, Callaway.  Remember him?  If so, call him and re-EH him.

Speaking of EH’ing….who have you not seen in a while?  Call him, too.  Generally not a good thing when a man fades from the pax.  Slow fades can be lethal.

Reminds me of an old Hebrew saying: “A friend is always loyal, and a brother is born to help in time of need.”

Praying for all you men to draw near to God, and to pursue those that need friends and brothers.

Thanks to Magoo & Thunder for tapping YHC to Q.

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