Lou Ferrigno comes to Centurion

Lou Ferrigno comes to Centurion

YHC pulled in to the launch lot after circumventing the massive faux-fireworks tent.  12 other pax, including 1 FNG – “Bixby”, awaited the morning’s downpainment.  The shovel flag was planted by Snowflake with care.  A disclaimer was given, a bit more thorough than normal with an FNG among us.

Puddin’ Pop was there, eschewing the Friday morning frisbee match now that it’s at 0515 and lasts an hour.  T-claps.

Mildew, Area51’s favorite Ecuadorian, also posted and was getting after it.  Good to have you back in the gloom, brother.  Of course I say that, but he’s probably posted to Centurion much more often than I in recent months.

So below is some Thang and Moleskinny all stirred together:

Frogger over 51 to the Wells Fargo branch for COP.

Called out Ickey for not getting into the starting position for flutters…Dredd paused 3 times a few weeks ago when YHC refusenik’d the SSH’s.   I finally caved to his unique brand of encouragement.

Anyway, we did some normal stuff in COP excluding SSH’s, of course.

Then the pax jogged down to the double rock quarry for some strength work consisting mostly of Thrusters and one set of bicep curls since Grave Dancer is heading to the beach today.  Also, Snuka heading to Florida today.  Incidentally, Snuka who shares a birthday with Hopper (who knew they were twins?) corrected his twin on Civil War History during Name-o-rama.  And who says Yankees don’t know their Civil War History?!  #rememberthehunley

Jog over to the natatorium for some hill stuff including bear crawls, fore/backwards lunge walks, burpee broad jumps, etc, etc.  du Hoc informed me of the derivation of his nickname on the way over.  If you’ve met YHC at a workout for the first time, I’m sure to have asked your nickname derivation at some point.  Ever heard of Pointe du Hoc? If not, READ THIS: https://armyhistory.org/rudders-rangers-and-the-boys-of-pointe-du-hoc-the-u-s-army-rangers-mission-in-the-early-morning-hours-of-6-june-1944/

du Hoc served our country as an Army Ranger.  Stop and give him T-claps right now.  On the heels of Memorial Day, Flag Day and with 4th of July coming up – brush up/read for the first time some of our country’s military history.  Also – with many veterans among the pax – should we not have a shovel flag at every AO!!!!  Centurion, Hawks Nest and Kevlar plant the flag.  What about your AO?  Bet the frisbee throwers don’t have a shovel flag…

During the natatorium segment, Ralph (his name’s derivation is exactly what you think it is – and Mighty Mite named him) gave YHC some pro tips on watering holes to visit in Jackson, Wyoming.  Much obliged, brother.  I’ll bring you back a cardboard coaster.

Now over to the small, inadequate rock quarry adjacent to one of the three Hospice & Palliative Care facilities around Centurion…kind of weird.  Anyway, some more rock work including some flutter presses and Louganises.

Then over to Tartarus (that’s the parking deck for the uninitiated) for some wall work, not the least of which was introducing the Australian Mountain Climber to the Area51 pax.  You’re welcome & many happy returns.

Mr. Magoo just quietly gets after every workout #silentassassin  He is not Australian, however.

Couldn’t help but give a quick Q-school lesson on the Carolina Dry Dock.  Underused, underappreciated and poorly executed.  We all got better….I think.

Back over to the launch lot for some CCV’s (Cumberland County Viaducts).   Puddin’ modified to the lesser known RCP’s (Robeson County Pikes).

5 burpees to finish.  Ickey never even moved.

That’s it.

As for Bixby’s nickname – can’t remember how Hopper got the idea…something about Mark’s hometown rhymed with something or other.  But Bixby, Ferrigno….if you don’t know those two names – look them up.

Prayers for continued healing for Jennings Palmer who is home now – praise God for that!

Also prayers for the Thompson family who lost their dad to a heart attack at age 51 on Fathers Day weekend.

“Do not let your hearts be troubled. You believe in God; believe also in me. My Father’s house has many rooms; if that were not so, would I have told you that I am going there to prepare a place for you?  And if I go and prepare a place for you, I will come back and take you to be with me that you also may be where I am. You know the way to the place where I am going.”  – Jesus of Nazareth talking to his closest followers/dearest friends

Do you know the way?

Thanks to Flake & Preschool for tapping YHC to Q.  Even all these years later, I still count it a privilege and great fun to lead you men in a workout.  Grace, much grace to you fellas.  Thankful for you.

Sign Up to Q at Centurion – one of Area51’s finest AO’s: SignUp

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