Hawksnest 10/8/18

Hawksnest 10/8/18

Hops gave me proper 48-72 hour notice that I was scheduled to Q today.  Not enough time to get into proper QIC shape but you can’t refuse once you’re on the list and the ink is dry.

The Thang:

15 Merkins IC

10 burpees

Run to pavillion benches and tables


5 rounds of 20 derkins

20 step ups 10 a leg

20 dips


Head to field


Partner up, p1 run accross field and back p2 reps until team total complete.


250 merkins

250 squats

250 Freddy Merc’s

100 dry docks


Rocks w partner, P1 Run up hill and back until total of the reps below are complete.

250 two hand presses

250 curls

250 tri extensions


Moleskine:  Today was a good reminder for me of why F3 is so successful and so important to so many.  I saw a ton of friends and also was reminded that I could be in a lot better shape by running around in the gloom with the fellas again.  As usual I don’t come up with any inventions or new exercises, or convoluted ideas, just run or finish your reps, pretty simple.  Thank you all for following the lead and I look forward to getting back out there.

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4 years ago

Let the record show that Bananas agreed to Q for this morning back on Aug. 27th
Solid beat down despite your disclaimer
Speaking of disclaimers, didn’t hear it this morning as I ran up late to HN. Guessing it didn’t happen…
Other observations: both Puddin’s & Spackler’s eructation this morning was remarkable. Common causes of this condition include drinking carbonated beverages, intentionally swallowing air, overeating, or physiology. Makes perfect sense, aye?!
Great to have Good Hands back in the gloom 3 months removed from back surgery.
Area51 founder and legend Joker on Q next week. Turning colder…might he don the wooly vest?

4 years ago

Very solid Q Bananas! Great to see you out, man. I have to give a shout out…..I was Good Hands partner for the beat down and the boy’s performance did not reflect a three month recovery hiatus or prior back surgery. This was his first work out back and he covered just as many reps as I did during partner exercises (maybe not saying much, but I was impressed). The point is a true beast never dies!

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