Meat and Taters

  • When:01/31/2017
  • QIC: Bananas
  • The PAX: Blazing Saddles, Crotch Rocket, Header, Good Hands, Chanel, Busch, Brown, Harley, Baracus, Sanka, Simba, Chin Music, Young Love, Stone Cold, Gaffer, McFly, Swiss Miss, Tackling Dummy, Lex Luther, Fireman Ed, Tweetsie, Lois, Witch Doctor, Freedom, Yeti, Arena,

Meat and Taters

27 for a dusted off T-Nation 10,000 swing workout, 1 lap, and 5 x 5 doubles.

The thang:
Light warmup

10 two hand swings, 15, 25, and then 50 with 10 two hand press after each round

Repeat with goblet squats between each round of swings.

Repeat with one arm press 5 each side

Repeat with tricep extensions

Repeat with 10 merkins after each round.

Run 1 lap

3 minutes of Mary to rest the hands

Partner up like sized bell


5 x 5 cleans

5 x 5 military press

5 x 5 swings

5 x 5 suitcase lunges


Moleskine: I wanted to pull out a simple old workout that tests the grip strength and hits the total body. I also didn’t want to run. I think we did both. Plenty of mumblechatter at the beginning. It seemed to taper for those that were doing the workout. Thanks for following along and not abandoning for a jog. Baracus seemed a little like he would rather be doing something else but when I offered an olive branch to wrap up the swings at 400 he snapped the branch and threw it in the fire. #highT. He said we can’t having anyone freaking out out there, we’ve got to keep our composure, we’ve come too far! So we finished the 500 swings.
Thanks for allowing me to lead boys.

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6 years ago

Either there’s a mistake in the PAX or CR must be taking this GrowRuck training seriously.

Good Hands
Good Hands
6 years ago

Thanks Bananas. I can’t read my own handwriting today.

6 years ago

Well played sir, well played. Nothing like 500 swings to punch you in the teeth and knock you down a peg.

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