Dromedary 1/18

  • When:01/18/2017
  • QIC: Bananas
  • The PAX: Transporter, GoodFella, Doc McStuffins, Rockwell, Good Hands, Bottle Cap, Bratwurst, Posse, Long Haul, Legal Zoom, Aztec, Frack, Shop Dog, Chanel, Joy, Dirty Bird, Tiny Bubbles, Das Boot, Troilet, Bouchet, Abacus, Recalculating, Bananas (QIC)

Dromedary 1/18

I’m about 3 weeks into immersing myself back into the F3 routine on a regular basis and signing up to Q always helps.

Quick winding warmup lap.
SSH, Merkins, Mountain climbers (10 IC each for the ADD crowd)

To the picnic tables for 3 rounds of
10 Decline Merkins
10 step ups each leg
10 dips

Back down to the field for Jack Webb, 1×4 Merkins/Shoulder presses up to 10×40

Run to back of the building for People’s chair and variety of arm and leg raises

Run to the back field for partner work
P1 bear crawl to light post and back
P2 RDL’s left leg
Rinse and repeat with right leg RDL’s

P1 crabwalk
P2 Makhtar Ndiayes

P1 full field run
P2 Freddie Mercury
Rinse and repeat

Indian run back to bus lot

All run back to COT


Good work out there on a warm January morning. Everyone was pushing it including the splinter cell led by Doc McStuffins (still unsure on your step-up count but not surprised at the speed). Transporter, when did you show up? Asking for a friend. The field was a feather bed today. Are the kids at MRHS and MRMS so spoiled now that it doesn’t even hurt to fall down? Well it hurts to run on. Frack is a lucky man in my book, I don’t always have to use the restroom at F3 but when I do there’s never a porta jon sitting there. well done. Nobody touch those gloves. I’m still working my way back into shape so thanks for hanging with me today as we toured around the campus doing a myriad of old F3 exercises or calisthenics as I like to say this week. Sign up to Q Dromedary. Link is below.


Announcements: Commitment to converge at DaVinci this Saturday 6:30AM. Sanctuary every Monday night at 7:30. Brooklyn Pizza Wesley Chapel.

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