Ready for some Adventure? Waxhaw CSAUP alert!!

  • When:08/10/2024
  • QIC: Kid Rock, Dasher, Rubbermaid

Ready for some Adventure? Waxhaw CSAUP alert!!

Well, Its almost August…

Another month means another reason for a CSAUP! This one will be a little different from any previous events we have done. This is a hybrid of trail running, scavenger hunt, and adventure race with some F3 style. Here’s the details:

Saturday August 10th. Cuthbertson Middle School – Bus Loop Parking (Same as WTF)

Arrival and check-in no later than 6am –  6:10 mandatory meeting – 6:30 start – 9am strict finish

The morning of the event, 20 min before launch, we will start the mandatory pre-race meeting. At the meeting you will get full details on the course and your randomly assigned partner. You and your teammate will receive a map and a plastic bag with your assigned team number. You will have a few minutes to look over the map together and strategize, so make sure your are ready to get moving. This map will have the approximate location of 12 hidden checkpoints. Each checkpoint will also have a clue as to where specifically you can find it. All checkpoints will be marked with a colored flag, however, they may not be in plain sight. You will be working through neighborhoods, on roads and sidewalks, grass, trails, creeks, and even some bushwhacking. Checkpoints may not be directly on a trail. Taken from a PAGE of the Barclay marathon playbook… each checkpoint will have a book. Your job is to tear the correct page out of the book, return the book to its correct location, store your page in your team bag and carry it with you. The goal is to collect as many checkpoint pages as you can and return to basecamp before time runs out. The team that returns in time with the most pages in their bag will be the winner. If multiple teams have the same amount of pages, the team that has returned first will win.


1. You and your teammate must stay together for the duration of the race.

2. Both team members MUST be back to the starting point before 9am. Any team not back before the deadline is automatically DQ’d, so plan your return path.

3. There is no specific route or order of checkpoints- you can take any path or go any direction you want that you think may be the fastest. (safety first – We are surrounded by busy roadways).

4.  Foot travel only- no cars, bikes or any other means of transportation- We will have trail rangers on bikes making loops and checking in with teams.

5. No relocating checkpoints- No tearing out additional pages – this is a competition, but we need to play fair

6. Phones will be allowed for additional map assistance and guidance to and from checkpoints

7. No helping other teams. This is more about strategy than speed, so lets all have a level playing field.

8. Have fun and enjoy the hunt


We will have 3 water stations. 1 at basecamp and 2 others marked on the map. Cups will not be provided, so bring your own refillable cup, hydration vest, or water bottle to refill. Your Q’s may be out running the course and visiting checkpoints just to ensure they are in the correct locations, however no event Q will be eligible to compete. This includes YHC, Dasher and Rubbermaid.

No need to register- just show up the morning of

No T-shirts- just out here having fun

No cost- any incurred costs are covered from additional funds left over from WTF.

Feel free to send YHC any questions you may have. Feel free to forward on to other regions and other PAX. The event area is big enough to house any number of PAX that show up!

See you all soon and happy hunting!



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