Drag it, Swing it, Slam it, Squat it…..The Tunes of Summer!

Drag it, Swing it, Slam it, Squat it…..The Tunes of Summer!

Four Pax posted for the latest installment of F3Diesel at Five Stones Church.  Today’s goal was to bring some variety to the mix of this 0.0 workout.  We Pax tend to like what we like so I was hoping to give a change of pace and gear.

0500 Posse and I arrive to wrangle all of the various gear to the planned stations.  Thanks to Posse for the late night FB message to offer to help.  #HIM.


A curated list of rock hits from 70’s, 80’s, and 90’s. 

Apparently I gave a proper disclaimer, per Posse.


  • SSH
  • LSS
  • Merkins 3-2-1 – Penalty Box seemed to enjoy.
  • Arm circles
  • Michael Phelps
  • Pryer Squats (no kettle bell)- great exercise to open the hips.  I am the king of awkward so had to keep my brand going. 

The Thang: Stations of Doom

I brought my tire sled and borrowed the AO’s fire hose.  Each took turns pull and dragging each implement.  This was our timer for the rest of us.  While the “dragger” dragged other Pax rotated through 6 stations.  We switch once the dragger returned.

  • Station 1: Sledge hammer slam on the big tire.
  • Station 2:  Blockies with coupons – always a PAX fav.
  • Station 3: Lawn Mowers with KB
  • Station 4: Goblet Squats
  • Station 5: 2H KB Swings – YHC’s fav
  • Station 6: Curls, cuz it’s summer.

We each made through the 6 stations 2X which allowed for 2X each on the hose and tire sled.  Everyone hated it and also loved it.


Next we carried some KB carries with some exercises mixed in:

  • 5 single legged Romanian deadlifts (look it up)- then a walking suitcase carry.  Switched arms and repeat
  • 3 rack front squats – then walking rack carry.  Switched arms and repeat (it was here we learned that Penalty Box is quite the Pilates enthusiast).  The more you know!
  • 3 single arm OHP – then walking waiter carry.  Switched arms and repeat

Dan John – Humane Burpee

We had some time left for a complex called the human burpee invented by the great KB coach Dan John.  This complex is a  great alternative to the burpee which IMO is over rated, overused, over-hyped and, not that safe. Normally this complex is a descending ladder but we did not have enough time. so we completed a partial.

  • 15 Swings, 5 goblet squats, 5 merkins
  • 15 Swings, 4 goblet squats, 4 merkins
  • 15 Swings, 3 goblet squats, 3 merkins
  • 15 Swings, 2 goblet squats, 2 merkins
  • 15 Swings, 1 goblet squat, 1 merkin

We only had time for the first 2 rounds.  The whole thing is a great workout on its own.


We did the #meathad mary which consists of glute bridge, hollow body hold, and plank.  We ran out of time for the plank.


Great work by all the PAX today. Some of the exercises were new to the PAX and each jump right in.  Pleasure to make the journey to the ‘Haw.  


  • July 4th convergences.  Something about 1776 reps, minutes, beers, or other combination. My vote is for 1776 KB swings. It’s Waxhaw so it will be big, awful, well-done, mostly stupid, and probably change your life.  Look for it on your friendly local groupme and slack channels.
  • July 16th blood drive Weddington UMC?  I think I remembered that correctly.

-UP out!



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7 months ago

Bringing some Meathead to Diesel! I love it! Looks like a solid Q, Unplugged!

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