My E-reader Keeps Time

My E-reader Keeps Time

Disclaimer given and off 7 PAX went into the gloom.

Warm up: SSH, WINDMILL, IW, (9th PAX One Star joins us, HB

The Thang!
SECTION 1: Store front window shopping.

Five exercises at each of six store entries and run back to start. The rounds – Merkins, LBCs, Burpees (C3PO tribute proclaimed). Mary for the 6 between rounds.

SECTION 2: Partner Big Boy Wall Climbs behind Target

Partner 1 does Big Boy Sit Ups while partner 2 does 7 wall climbs and returns (alternating lead leg for each rep encouraged. Tags partner to switch – three rounds.

While YHC was checking the digital winkie…One Star observes “I’ve never seen anyone bring a Kindle to a workout.”

SECTION 3: Grab Some Wall

Citizen counts for all.

People’s chair x3 (20 shoulder presses, hold then 10 shoulder presses with right leg up, hold and flap jack to left for another 10 presses).

Balls to the wall – feet on ledge. Derkins for 15 count then Mike Tysons for 10.

Irkins – 10 regular, 10 right leg, 10 left leg

Section 4: Dips in the fountain

Swarmed around Bratwurst who was doing his post run stretching. Citizen count digs from 12 down to 2 with one more good luck.

Return to launch for 3 minutes of Mary – Freddy Mercury (Trickle), Flutters (Odd Job), Down and Dirties? (One Star)…seriously what did you call that “Carolina Dry Dock swoop down into 6-inch plank and rise up to Cobra thing” we did 8 times?


Announcements: Bratwurst promoted 3rd F Timekeeper at 6:30 Tuesday’s after Bagpipe at Einstein Bagel. New book discussing “2nd Mountain” starting up. What’s next after you climb that mountain in life to conjuring personal growth and live to serve others?

One Star reminded us that Taco Stand leaves Thursday to climb Mt. Kilimanjaro. He’s been challenged to leave behind an F3 sticker or trowel flag. It was either an announcement our prayer request…either way safe travels and much respect TacoStand.

Take out – Trickle


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