Wearing our C/Sea shoes to keep warm?

Wearing our C/Sea shoes to keep warm?

Knowing the rain would deter most Pax from showing up, YHC was really contemplating staying in the nice warm DRY bed, and telling himself, “Why would Gerber last minute aske ME to Q knowing it was gonna be 40 and 100% chance of rain?” well, this dumbass didn’t look at the weather before committing.

So, I roll my butt out of bed and head what seems like 2.5 hours to Cowbell from Marvin thinking maybe I can warm up with a pre-run.  Show up and Gerber is waiting in the lot, we both look at each other and scour for dry land.. just as we decide to run for office at the Town Hall, Rain man shows up just in time to make this a party.

Rain lightened up just enough for a quick mosey, but wouldn’t be that way all day. Luckily the Puddle and drainage were still in full effect and we were able to get our feet wet immediately.


Potato picker/Arm stretch/LBAC/Motivators/calf/Up/Down dog.

Thang: We had to modify a bit due to rain being quite forceful at times, but pretty much 2 exercises with 2 reps of 20 then a run.

  • Squats
  • 1 arm swings
  • High Pull Deadlift
  • Hernia
  • 1 Arm rows
  • Lunges
  • 21’S (curls)
  • Lateral Raise
  • Tricepts
  • Sit up press
  • Chest Press

Finish up with some LBC’s to kill some time.


I don’t think we expected to, but we somehow got over 2.5 miles in. Luckily we all wore As gerber called “our C shoes” knowing they’d be toast for a few days as we tried to cross the puddles. We had a good time chatting it up and listening to some tunes in the process. Thanks to Gerber and Rain Main for showing up.


  • Sock Drive for Twinkle toes
  • Beer run in SOB (12/17?)
  • Christmas eve workout in Rea Farms as Taco Stand delivers the goods with Tacos and BullShots maaybe!?!?

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