Just Another Merkin Monday

Just Another Merkin Monday

Monday workouts are tough. Retribution for that extra drink or dessert while taking in the last gasp of the weekend. My attendance has been poor on Mondays, so took some action by signing up to Q.

The Thang

  • Warmup in parking lot next to Alloy Fitness: IW’s, SSH’s, Mtn. Climbers, Plankjacks, Low slow merkins
  • Mosey to US Bank for Stop 1 on the circuit. Partner 1 does 10 staggered arm merkins while partner 2 does donkey kicks. Flapjack when partner 1 completes merkins.
  • Mosey to retaining wall behind Old Navy. Partner 1 does 10 spiderman merkins while partner 2 does wall jumps. Flapjack.
  • Mosey to Target. Partner 1 does 10 diamond merkins while partner 2 does dips or stepups on bench. Flapjack.
  • Mosey to staircase by yoga studio. Partner 1 does upside down merkins (pullups) on the bar while partner 2 does bunny hops up the staircase. Flapjack
  • Mosey to launch, where we complete 5 kraken burpees (burpee with 3 merkins) and assorted Mary while waiting on the 6
  • Repeat this circuit 2 times, with new partner each lap.
  • Kill last few minutes with four corners Jack Webb. Starting with 1 merkin, 4 air press and moving our way all the way up to 6(?) 7(?) 8. Q fail by completely botching my count for the 7th set.


  • Really wanted to focus on form and quality, rather than quantity. We’ve all been to those workouts with absurdly high exercise counts that destroy any hope of good form (*cough cough IRON PAX CHALLENGE cough cough*)
  • Point Break, Cheese Curd and McGee led the pack
  • McGee loved the format and shamelessly plugged WAMRAP (Waverly AMRAP). If you haven’t vomited yet at an F3 workout, go to WAMRAP for that rite of passage.
  • I complimented McGee on his solid spiderman merkin form. Cheese Curd nearly fell off the retaining wall in shock, mentioning this was the first time he ever heard McGee and good form in one sentence. The form was legit though.
  • 2.75 miles covered and shoulders feeling sore


  • Area 51 holiday party+10 year celebration on Thursday night, 12/16. See Slack for preblast. Everyone invited, signup online.
  • Deck the Halls at the Brave on 12/17. Run all 10 parking decks in an hour.
  • SOBeer Run sometime in December. More details to come
  • Passport Challenge in January: get as many unique workouts in during the month to earn points and WIN

Close with gospel prayer. Because I am in Christ:

  • There is nothing I have done that could make you love me less, and nothing I could do that would make you love me more.
  • You are all I need for everlasting joy.
  • As you have been to me, so I will be to others.
  • As I pray, I’ll do so according to the compassion you’ve shown at the cross and the power you demonstrated through the resurrection.

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