Sons of Basketball

Sons of Basketball

9 men showed up at the Brave for Midriff’s birthday bash basketball Q. We’re not just going to throw in a basketball for a few exercises, we’re going to play the game

The Thang

A few stretches in the parking lot while we wait for Right Turn to make his turn into the lot. Mosey down Community House to the British International School. Nice full court tucked behind the actual gym. Match up for rock-paper-scissors. Losers on one side = shirts, winners on the other = skins. Team skins is Wingman, Wild Turkey, Sweetwater and YHC. Team shirts is War Eagle, Right Turn, Cold Cuts, Picasso and Frehley’s. After about 2 possessions, realize this court is way too dark and need to find a better location. Mosey to other side of the school to play half-court on single hoop with only slightly better lighting. Team Skins nearly takes Game 1, but Team Shirts makes a vicious run to take the first game 7-6. Burpees and suicides after each game. Game 2 is a decisive win for Team Skins, taking it 7-1. Mosey back to launch, arriving a minute late.


  • Stoked to see a solid crowd, just one short of playing full 5 on 5. Soft Pretzel promises to join next time to round us out.
  • Sweetwater was an absolute bruiser inside, snagging rebounds on the defensive and offensive side and at one point finishing a finger roll with the left hand. He showed mercy to War Eagle, choosing not to dunk all over his face.
  • War Eagle had some sneaky assists and steals, surprising with his sharpness and basketball IQ. He quickly took the role of floor general, calling out the zone formation and finding the open man.
  • Picasso balled out, showcasing his court vision and ability to finish on a number of drives
  • MVP goes to Right Turn, who was carving up the defense on his drives and finishing at will. At one point he stepped over his own team mate, Frehley’s, who was on the ground after nailing a jumpshot
  • Shoutout to the guys who came out, despite not playing for many years.
  • Check out Brick City AO in F3 Raleigh:

I’ve always wanted to launch a basketball workout in the heart of Ballantyne. Is there enough demand for it? Does anyone have access to the full court in the BCC neighborhood? Are there any lighted courts to use in the gloom? Hit me up if you want to help make this dream a reality.


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