Where did the rocks go?

Where did the rocks go?

530 – and we are off.
Mosey to 131 Main
– SSH 25 IC
– Hill Billys 25 IC
– Stretch

Mosey to wall near back of Target
– Partner A – Wall ups
– Partner B – Run to stop sign and 10 merkins
– Flapjack and repeat twice

Every light behind Target – 10 merkins
Half-way thru we do Mary

Find rocks near side of Target in the woods. NOPE, They aren’t there anymore. Doh.
With your partner:
– Partner A – run down and do 20 squats
– Partner B – Mary
– One set of partners is doing Hairburners.
– Repeat this until all partner sets have done one set of hairburners

Mosey to shopping cart racks
– 10 Supine Pullups
– not sure what tag-a-long and rousey where up to. It involved tangled legs.

Mosey to the two-story
5 six count burpees

Laps up the step
– Partner A – left staircase, supine pullups
– Partner B – right staircase, push ups (10 reg, 10 diamond, 10 wide)
– Up the stairs and over. 3 sets, 6 times over the stairs.

Wall Squats
– 50 air presses
– 60 air presses


Great group out there today. Thanks

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