Add Some Red Bull to Your Coffee

Add Some Red Bull to Your Coffee

9 Pax gathered for this week’s edition of Firestarter.  Weather was a blissful 50 something and had YHC energized.  Teddy sauntered up with shovel flag in tow.  The Firestarter shovel flag has a sweet “fire” light at the top which apparently needs either new batteries or an instructional manual.  YHC gave a disclaimer but added a reminder about the mission of F3 to Plant, Grow and Servce small men’s workout for the invigoration of male community leadership.  During these odd times I think that it is important that we keep that at the forefront.  Mosey to 131 Main for warmup with additional stretching.

The Thing

First up is some 4 corners at 131 Main focusing on upper body.  Starting up and out and working our way inwards the corners were: 1st corner = 10 Carolina Dry Docks, 2nd corner = 10 wide arm merkins, 3rd corner = regular merkins and 4th corner = diamond merkins.  Run through this twice.

Second round of 4 corners focused on the lower body. 1st corner = 10 squats, 2nd corner = 10 right leg lunges, 3rd corner = 10 left leg lunges and 4th corner = sumo squats. Run through this twice.

Mosey to the stairway by the yoga studio for a triple nickel.  Split up with half of the Pax running up one stairwell and the other group up the other.  At the top 5 Kraken burpees and at the bottom 5 Sister Mary Katherine’s for 5 rounds.  Once we suffered through this head over to the fountain/playground area.  Partner up with P1 running to the playground for 5 pullups while P2 does dips.  Flapjack until both partners have made 2 trips of pullups for 20 total among the teams.

YHC then remembered that he meant to lead the group in The Motivator after the COP so this was a perfect burnout exercise.  After The Motivator was done and calves were burning there were a couple of minutes left for each Pax to lead a round of Mary.



Great group out this morning.  A few observations.  Odd Job was marveling at Rousey’s energy and made a comment to the effect that Rousey must have already had his coffee.  To which I replied he must put Red Bull in his coffee.  Odd Job then decided to stir the pot (pun intended) and challenged Rousey to some sprints between the corners during 4 corners.  Greenwood calls them Bonnie Blair’s but Sweetwater is not having it.  The jumping lunges are Sister Mary Katherine’s and not Bonnie Blair’s.  YHC agreed and appreciated Sweetwater’s dedicated stance on the matter so we called them SMK’s.  Point Break and Noonan were consistently at or near the front all morning long.  Sign those guys up for some of these P200 or BRR relay teams.  Yard Tool…does that guy take a day off?  He is a machine quickly becoming a pillar of the SOB community.  Speaking of pillars, Midriff somehow crushes his workout while also encouraging and bringing others along.  Teddy is the silent assassin and getting in top-notch honeymoon shape.  Look out future Mrs. Teddy.


  • Blood Drive 10/29 at Matthews Town Hall.  See Mighty Mite if you need the link to make an appointment.
  • Christ’s Closet event was a success giving away lots of furniture and clothes.  Still need men’s and children’s clothes specifically.  Reach out to Chopper if you have any to donate.
  • Beer Mile 10/15 at South Charlotte Middle School
  • A scary incident this weekend but a good outcome where a Pax in Davidson went down at a workout. Luckily Frehley’s daughter’s boyfriend Focker, who is an EMT, was working in the area and was able to resuscitate the guy.  A reminder to us all to have at least 1 cell phone on us and hopefully have some Pax that are CPR certified.

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