Did you know Google maps doesn’t show elevation?

Did you know Google maps doesn’t show elevation?


Run across the street to Arbor Dr, up through the cemetery, and to to top of Bad Idea

20 SSH

Calf stretch

15 Mountain Climber IC

Runner lunge

The Thang

Run down Sharon until hitting Jerry Ln

4 Corners

10 Merkin

15 Dry dock

20 American Hammers 2-1

25 Bobby Hurley

5 burpees at the start

Catch is that everyone runs the leg out and does the exercise but when you get back to the beginning circle back for the 6 and we do the 5 burpees together. Luckily the 6 found a good modification and we did less running on these brutal hills.

Head back

Stop at Bad Idea for 20 Big Bois. Stop after the bend for 20 Flutter IC. Get back loop around parking lot and hold elbow plank at COT for about a minute until time.


Thank you to Posse for letting me lead. Downtown Waxhaw is always a fun place run. Great job by everyone today, not much mumble chatter, too much running.


Lycan closed next week for convergence at Cutty. 6:30 holiday hours

IPC this week

Google Maps does not show elevation

Waxhaw Elementary is farther from Lawson than Cuthbertson

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