“Way to suck it today” ~ Damascus

“Way to suck it today” ~ Damascus

Roughly 12 hours after I’d gotten back to NC I got a message from TB.  “Now that your back, can I get you on the schedule to Q Diesel?” He was looking for Q’s in August and it was only June so I figured why not.  I’m sure by then I’ll be in the swing of things…. 2 posts later and it was August already.  Well, I’m not about to back out on my commitment, so I guess I better make it worth while.

9 pax showed up with coupons in tow…and even though it was a cool 72 degrees, the humidity made sure we were all uncomfortable from the onset. Chastain made sure I know that Diesel was a no-running workout, and luckily TB had passed that along. 5:30 and off we went…well we didn’t actually go anywhere, but we got the thing started.

Warmup: 4 rounds total

  • SSH x 20
  • Mountain Climbers x 10
  • Cherry Pickers / Calf Stretch / Moroccan Nightclub / Low Slow Squat (Rotated through these as the 3rd exercise each round)


  • 550 Rep Challenge
    • 30 minutes – get as many reps in as you can of the 5 workouts below.  Start at 20 reps in round 1 and drop by 2 reps each round.  If you make it through the final 2 rep round that is 550 reps total.
      • Coupon Overhead Lunge Walk (2 steps = 1 rep)
      • Coupon Swings
      • Coupon Squat Proess
      • Crooked Coupon Merkins
      • Coupon Tricep Extension (Audible to coupon curls)
  • Bring you coupon to the trailer and put it on your lap for a 2 minute weighted wall sit
  • Coupons back to COT and still had a minute so we held plank until time.


  • Iron Pax Challenge starting in Sept – sign up now at https://f3greenwood.com/ironpax-form/
  • Black Hawk is looking for Qs – reach out to Shop Dog if you want to lead
  • F3 Wahaw 2 year anniversary convergence on Sept 6 at Cuthbertson – All other sites shut down that day. Probably a better place to get more info.


I learned a few things things today.

  1. Damascus requires a calf stretch in all workouts and thinks they are acceptable mid workout as well…sorry that I couldn’t bring additional calf stretches to this party.
  2. After a brutal workout, Damascus cannot put together a well thought out sentence….see title above.
  3. “If you can’t do it, don’t Q it”  <— I encourage no one to abide by this rule. If you can breeze through your own Q, you probably aren’t pushing yourself of the PAX nearly hard enough.
  4. The Diesel crew comes to work. If you don’t frequent this site I encourage you to give it a shot.  Its an awesome change of pace to put the miles to the side and spend 45 minutes pushing some heavy things around.

All in all, it was a solid morning. Thanks to the guys that came out and pushed themselves. Always a pleasure.


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