Yes, it’s another Waxhaw backblast

Yes, it’s another Waxhaw backblast

6 absolute studs came to have some rock fun.


Mosey to benches behind high school

50 dips IC

then 20 dips IC

To the stairs; 10 Tysons on top, at bottom 10 hand release merkins; repeat 3x

To rocks by HS parking lot; lifting rock, 20 goblet squats IC, 20 presses IC, 20 thrusters IC

To the benches behind the high school-10 merkins, 10 wide arm merkins, 10 diamond merkins, 10 derkins

To the rock pile on path, lifting rock 20 goblet squats IC, 20 presses IC, 20 thrusters IC

To rock pile by poop shed-running rock taken; 20 LBC IC, 20 Flutter IC; 20 heels to heaven IC


With running rock-run up path to rocks ready to go-complete 20 Goblet squats, 20 presses, 20 thrusters

Run back down to end of path with rock, 20 merkins

With rock, run back to rocks-10 goblet squats, 10 presses, 10 thrusters

Back down to path, 20 merkins; 20 low slow squats

Mosey to rocks in HS parking lot; 20 curls IC;

Then run to HS front benches; 25 step ups; 10 derkins

Run to front of middle school-50 donkey kicks, run to street, 40 donkey kicks, to street, then back to start

Done -3.5 mi



Apologies to those that wanted more running Smithers. Tried not to bring a full Ignition workout to Swarm; Pretty sure the really humid morning sucked the life out of most of us as the legs weren’t moving that fast towards the end.   Neither were our mouths as the chatter was getting quieter and that extra 15 felt especially long today.

Mute killing the rock lifting, not as fond of the rock running (none of us were).  Blue Screen once again proving that age doesn’t matter out there.  No stop in that man.  Sugar Daddy must have been fired up because he even threw in a pre-run. Nice.  Ghosted loves the 60 min workouts. Dude has the endurance.  Smithers still satisfied post-workout despite the lack of heavy miles. Always good to through a few hiit workouts in your marathon regimen.   Gerber loves the new warm-up routine.  Big fan.  Until next time…


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