Feeling Sick

Feeling Sick

Showed up in commitment 2 weeks ago and j-wow got me to Q commitment. I was excited and was ready. Was there early and drove around the route I had planned. Was pumped.

DICCS given, let’s mossey.

Mossey to millbridge skin pool. Warm up with ssh / imperial squats / Merkins / Moroccan night clubs and stretch.

Return to Kensington Elementary school. Every other driveway switch between 15 jump squats and 20 speed skaters. By the end thighs were stiff. Mossey to school parking lot. 20 Big boi’s, 40 LBC’s and 20 Heals to heaven. 

20 mike Tyson and run around the parking lot. Fuse led us on the longest route. Repeat it again. This time took the shorter route.

10 Burpees in a minute. Repeat 3 times. By this time I felt totally gassed out. Felt weird. Decided to step down as the Q of the morning. Thanks to all the pax for stepping in. Did some exercise with rock and ran to the entrance to the park. 


Lycan launching again with new start time. 5:45 am. Maddog leads the workout.

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