Light the Match

Light the Match

Fire Triangle in full swing this morning.  Plenty of Heat generated by the Pax, Oxygen being sucked out of the hemisphere,  and of course the sweat dripping from our brow kept fuel on the fire.  10 Pax attended on this glorious Monday to kick off another awesome week.  Most seemed eager to get the show on the road so, after a quick disclaimer, we kicked a little assphalt.  Mosey through the shopping center I felt it necessary to engage our glutes so we climbed up and down a set a stairs before starting our warm-up.


15 SSH

15 Low Slow Squats

10 Cherry pickers

20 Arm Circles forward/backward

The Thang

1st and 10 – Used parking lot lines and curbs as the yard markers.  First 10 yd. marker 10 merkins, 1 burpee sprint 90ish yards and jog back to the 20 yd mark 9 merkins, 2 burpees sprint 80ish yds so on and so forth until completing 1 merkin, 10 burpees.  Found out I cannot count to 10 because I was short one 10 yd marker.

Mosey’d on over to the shopping center side walk were we began the Baatan Death Crawl.  All men lined up single file and began to bear crawl last in line would perform 5 burpees then run up tap last man in line and proceed to front were he would lead the bear crawl.  All men had their chance to pound the pavement with a little belly.  This was definitely longer than anticipated and a few of us had to stand up for a minute before getting back into it.

Short 10 count then we mosey’d behind the shopping center and stopped for a quick 4x4x4.  Burpee into plank, 4 merkins, 4 mountain climbers and then burpee up and back down for 4 rounds.  After a short meet and greet with the pavement we did a little off road run to get to the side walk to begin our Indian run climb.  Up the hill we ran stopping at the top for a quick mary of flutter kicks.  As gravity works, what goes up must come down, we began our descent back to the parking lot, no Indian run this time.

At the parking lot we circled up and dropped into plank position with each Pax holding plank while one at a time performed 5 merkins rotating clockwise around until everyone had completed their set.  We then flap jack’d on our six and began ABC’s.  Everyone held feet 6″ from ground while each person wrote and air letter this continued until the alphabet was complete.

With some time to spare we mosey’d back to the stair case, did a set then headed to find a plot land with some wall to claim with our rear.  While against the wall positioned in the peoples chair we performed arm presses, civilian count, and then mosey’d back to start.

Now only a few minutes left we had some time to spend with Mary.  Rousey kicked us off with some in and outs, next odd job invited us to partake of some freddy mercury’s,  Goonie had us visit with Rousey’s girlfriend Rosalita, Teddy gave us some LBC’s,   Finished with the American Hammer.


Site Q hand off to @Rousey Tuesday at the Bagpipe.

Soft Pretzel – F3 will hold a Q school, either July 31st or August 7th, a date will be decided with the next day or so.   Anyone thats new to F3 to learn how to Q about being intentional Learn the core principles of F3 and incorporate in the work out.  Learn basics like counting and exercises.

Teddy – In need of Q’s at FireStarter hit him up if you would like to come out and Q.

War Eagle – Shovel flag making party this Saturday 2 o’clock.  At Taco Stands Cul-de-sac beer and food provided.


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