Bridge out of order

Bridge out of order

So it appears that chickens are afraid of water.  And as an act of solidarity an entire neighborhood decided to keep the bridge up and fartsack together today to honor their sacred chicken. There were however 8 pax (50% of which reside in a certain neighborhood that ain’t scared) that were man enough to brave the rain this morning.

DICC’s given, and still had a few seconds left to make fun of Briarcrest, and off we go.  Mosey around the block to give myself time to plan a Wienke.

Warm up

20 x SSH

15 Imperial Walkers

15 merkins

15 mountain climbers

Various stretches.

The Thang

I announced in my DICC’s that we would not cross the street because of weather.  That went out the window pretty quick.  Cross the street and mosey to the end of N. Providence St.  at 1st street light do 20 big boi’s.  At second street light do 15 merkins.  Rinse and repeat until you make it to the stop sign near Dream Chases.

On the way back down N. Providence street do 20 Plank jacks at light 1 and 15 Bobby Hurleys at light 2.  Rinse and repeat down the road until we make it to the speed bump.

Mosey over BB&T parking lot and partner up.  P1 run lap around building while P2 does exercise, then switch. Each partner will do 2 sets of each exercise per round.

Round 1. Dips on the wall

Round 2. Mike Tysons

Round 3. Elbow plank

Mosey over to KJH.  1 burpee at the bottom and 10 merkins half way up the hill.  2 burpees at the bottom and 10 merkins halfway up the hill.  3 burpees at the bottom and 10 merkins halfway up the hill.  Head to COT.

30 seconds of have a nice day to soak in the rain.

The Moleskin

Great group of guys this morning.  Thanks for braving the weather and supporting a fellow pax who was on Q.


Looking for a Co-site Q at The Floater.  Wedding Singing is currently filling out his application

Thanks Bottlecap for taking us out.

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