it’s just a little hurpees

it’s just a little hurpees

Warm up

Mosey to traffic circle near the football stadium.

20 x SSH

15 Imperial Walkers

15 Moroccan night clubs

5 merkins

5 diamond merkins

15 mountain climbers

Various stretches.

The Thang

Mosey over to high school parking lot for Hurpee ladder (hand release burpees) from 1 to 10.  start at top of the parking lot with 1 hand release burpee.  zig zag across the parking lot stopping at every island and increasing Hurpee count by 1 at each island. you end up with 10 Hurpees at the bottom of the parking lot.

Mosey over to rock pile and grab a lifting rock.  or in the case of Chicken little, just grab a small rock. Start with 30 curls and rifle carry to next set of parking spaces. drop rock and run to end of parking lot.  return to rock and complete 20 shoulder presses then rifle carry to next set of parking spaces.  rinse and repeat until you carried your rock the entire parking lot.  Return to top of parking lot with same concept only this time it was 20 squats and 10 tricep extensions.

Mosey soccer/lacrosse field behind the middle school.  Bear crawl/tyson web.  1 tyson/4 bear crawl, 2 tyson/8 bear crawl……all the way to 10 tysons/ 40 bear crawl.

Mosey up the path to COT and done!


The Moleskin

Great group of guys this morning.


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