Kettlebells vs. Sidewalk Chalk

Kettlebells vs. Sidewalk Chalk

First time I’ve substi’Q’ed in a while and the first time I’ve Q’d Cowbell so I was able to finish my weinke as I pulled into Petsmart devote a great deal of time to fabricate the perfect recipe for our only “gear & sprint” AO. I’m a big fan of the AMRAP and KB work in general so it just made sense to cut the parking lot up into exercise stations and label accordingly with Gerber’s help and supply of sidewalk chalk. He must have been super excited because he arrived early and had it all drawn out perfectly per my blueprint from Google maps I sent the evening before. That guy is one selfless dude and I’m grateful to know him and his family. 5:29, DICCS, let’s mosey.


Mosey around the PS lot and line up at the AMRAP start line
Merkins, next line, squats, next line, calve stretch, next line, something else, then back to the start for instruction


30min AMRAP – 30reps ea exercise
Pull Throughs
Leave KB sprint to other end of lot and 5 burpees then back to KB to come back to start
Pull Throughs
Clean & Press
Leave KB and one lap around PS lot
Rinse and repeat until time (Total completed rounds + reps on last round when time expires is personal score)


So this was HARD… I think I cleared 2.5 rounds and the rest of the gang had at least 3 or better. Modifications were used accordingly and wisely. I’ll be doing this one again as a bench mark to check progress. Cowbell has been one of those AO’s that reminds me that I don’t lift heavy things as much anymore and I need to, to keep things balanced. Shoutout to TB for coming out for the first time to see what all the fuss is about and crushed it! Our group of 5 PAX did the work of 50 strong. Great job fellas!

full disclosure; every time I type up a BB I always copy and paste one of the last ones to keep the formatting and this one was from one of my Ignition Q’s last year. I read through it again and the words below couldn’t be more true today than when I originally wrote them last summer. It was a great reminder for me so I’m leaving it here again and hope that it’s also a great reminder for you. If you are struggling with anything right now find someone to lean on and / or an ear you trust to just share and get it out. I’m happy to be either one for you.

Originally written August 2020: “It has been an incredibly mixed ride of ups and downs, emotions, confusion and stress. But with all of that there has also been so many incredible and amazing other things that have been revealed on this journey of mine. One of the biggest and most important is I’ve been able to invest in the other two F’s of F3; the Fellowship and Faith components. I don’t think I can put into words the impact that tying all three together has made in my life in such a very short period of time. The bond and community that I have with many PAX today rivals those of immediate family and close friends I’ve had for 20 years… They’ve got my back. They pray for me – like for real pray, not just send the 🙏 emoji or post it in GM. They have offered me a room to stay if I need it. Coffee and an ear to listen. Encouragement. Accountability. And honestly just offering their time in a world where there never seems like there is enough to even get the most basic tasks accomplished that come with the defaults of life. I’m more engaged and connected with God than I have been in years. When you’re put into an environment where you know you just can’t do it alone you start to look for support ( hello 2nd and 3rd F’s ) and support is what I have found. I am more clear headed and in tune with the environment and world around me than maybe I have ever been before. And guess what, when that happens you start seeing even more amazing and beautiful things around you. Some, that have been there the whole time. I could go on but I’ll save some for my next BB. Here’s the bottom line; we have a FREE opportunity to take advantage of right now to help us grow in any area of our life. You just have to get uncomfortable enough to take the next step and act on the thought or emotion that you’ve been carrying around for however long. It’s there for a reason and so is F3. Grateful for each and every one of you. ✌”


There’s always something going on so check a BB that was actually published on time…

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