Trying to Avoid That Not So Fresh Feeling

Trying to Avoid That Not So Fresh Feeling

14 HIMs showed up expecting a Q from CRS, but a late day text from him “calling in sick” gave me the opportunity to run Back 2 Back Q’s at Thrive.  The challenge was keeping it fresh for the PAX and trying not to repeat too many exercises.  Here’s how it went down….


Disclaimer & short mosey around the main parking lot — run forward down the long stretch & shuffle down the short chutes.

Circle up for COP

  • SSH X 20 IC
  • IW X 20 IC
  • LSS X 10 IC
  • Windmill X 10 IC

Mosey across the street to the back lot @ Indian Trail Town Hall

  • Lunge walk with a full twist the length of the parking lot
  • Toy soldier / Frankenstein walk back to other end

Mosey to Veterans’ Memorial and count off into groups of 3 for Grinders

  • Exercise 1 = plank jacks / LBC (2 times thru)
  • Exercise 2 = air squats / shoulder tap merkins (2 times thru)
  • Exercise 3 = 8 count burpees / toe taps on curb (2 times thru)
  • Lunge walk back to park entrance.

Mosey to body-weight exercise area

  • 5 Pull Ups / 10 RDL (each leg) / 20 LBC.  Repeato 3X

Mosey back to launch for Mary

  • Flutter X 20 IC
  • Heels to Heaven X 15 IC




It didn’t rain & there were lots of fresh but familiar faces at Thrive this AM.  None of them expected me to lead the beatdown again.  It was tough trying to keep everyone guessing on what was next, but from the looks of the sweat angels at the end of Mary, it was a snotwoggle.  It was good to see some new faces in the crowd.  Turnbuckle, Malibu and Jock Strap showed for either the 1st time or the first time in a long time.  It’s just a shame that they had to suffer through so many examples of bad form and meaningless chatter (you guys all know who I’m talking about).  Hair Band & Unplugged were out conducting an acoustic set I guess — they obviously got lost while out walking around.  At least they made it back in time for COT.  YHC struggled with dividing the group up evenly for the Grinders — thanks to Glass Joe & EE for pointing that out.  Sanford, Kiefer, Band Camp & Bonhoeffer get after it every Tuesday.  If you want to see solid effort, glance over their way.  Most Q’s lead from the middle of the pack when Full House, Hirambe & Espresso show — they’re fast & always out front.  Catfish brought the tunes — he has some questionable musical taste, but it helped drown out the mumble chatter from “he who shall go nameless”.

As always, everyone put in 100% & I’m grateful for the opportunity.



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