What Teenagers Listened to 30 Years Ago

What Teenagers Listened to 30 Years Ago

Bootcamps are awesome, everyone knows it, but YHC so rarely gets to enjoy them due to various reasons.  Whether its run training, busy summer schedules, or a decision to take a much needed morning off, it seems once a week is my high water mark these days.  So you can only imagine my delight when I get to not only post a Saturday morning ‘camp, but lead the men of DaVinci into the twilight of morning today.  Little did the men know Flipper’s traveling circus of pain had exited the garage again, and they were in for a treat beatdown.  7, no make that 10, PAX joined in the gloom and we were off.


Go run a quick lap around Best Buy while the Q finishes set up and then circle for COP consisting of IW, LSS and LSM.  The remainder of the workout consisted of station work:

-35# each hand Farmers Carry around the the cones was the timer

-Heavy Jump rope (or speed rope)

-Chest to plate overhead press with 44# plate

-80# sandbag deadlift

-60# sandbag overhead press

-30” step ups

-Box jumps choose your own adventure (20”, 24”, or 30”)

-Ball-over merkins

-40# slamball curl, press, and slam

-44# single hand KB swings

PAX rotated stations every time the farmers carry was completed.  In between full rotations we:

-Ran AYG to the far end of the lot and back

-Peoples chair with imperial march, lift left leg, lift right leg, then reverse walltar jai

-Wall Tar Jai mixed with elbow plank alternating leg lifts

After 4 full rounds, we finished with five minute o’ Mary.

Ye Skinny Molething:

-I’ve made it my personal mission to make gear workouts great again.  F3 is fantastic for fitness, but we’re sorely skewed towards cardio.  So when I have the chance I love to pack up the old circus and wring the pax out with some greater than body-weight resistance work.  The coolest thing is, despite the lack of prevalence, the PAX never shy away from gear.  Everyone is game, everyone gets after it, and everyone gets stronger.

-I’m convinced Rousey visits another plane of existence during workouts.  “Modify as necessary” isn’t just a suggestion for him, its a way of life.  Whether its 360s off the jump box, meandering farmers carries, or creative kettle bell creations, he made the workout his own and loved every second of it.  There is a level of enthusiasm there which truly warms the heart, and I’m a better man for having experienced it today.

-Seeing Doc in the gloom today really warmed my spirit.  While we’ve never been tight, Doc has always been a man who pushed me.  His determination and grit at workouts is legendary, so to see such a beast laid low by infirmity was something which impacted many of us deeply I know.  To see him this AM back to crushing workouts  and watch him pull away during the AYG just reinforces my belief in the power of the human spirit.

-C3PO is doing something right with his boys, those two are beasts.  I threw a literal gym’s worth of a equipment (more than some Marriotts I believe I overheard somebody say) and they just did work.  Up at 6:30 (well 6:33 was when they got there I think) and just crushing a challenging work out… Your dad game is strong my friend, well done.

-The music experienced technical difficulties today.  First I couldn’t get the speaker connected (Q fail) and then Pandora was playing the greatest middle school dance songs from the 80s instead of the Van Halen, Motley Crue, and AC/DC mix I’m used to from the station.  After Tears for Fears, Berlin, and Foreigner followed Billy Joel and Huey Lewis and the News, YHC began to skip songs.  Apparently there was a ToTo rag in there somewhere, as One Star began to brow-beat the DJ for apparent lack of class. A beating YHC well deserved in truth, but finally we got to Dynamite and things got back on track.

-Mighty Might was plugging his favorite gear workout, swole, for those at the workout who were unfamiliar with the appropriate bell swing form.  He also deadlifted both 80# bags during one of his sets, so clearly something is working for him.

-Soft Pretzel called me “Doc” at one point during the workout.  Either I’m doing something right, or he was hitting the weights so hard his mind was deprived of oxygen.  I’m betting mostly the latter, but I hope maybe a bit of the former was mixed in too.

-By the end of the workout, just in time for the mandatory family photo, most shirts had come off to be wrung out, as the PAX seem to have sweated through their garments to one degree or another.  Clearly the weinke did its job.   Take a nap boys, you’ve earned it.


It’s always a pleasure to work with the men of SOB, thank you for following and SYITG


PS… He chicken ran, but worth calling out a Happy Birthday to TurkeyLeg!  Not quite respect but very respectful.

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