Are You Going to the Beach Later Today?

Are You Going to the Beach Later Today?

YHC took the reigns for this week’s Firestarter and with 12 other motivated fellas kicked off the week.  Initially there was a only handful of us but just like the mad rush as the church doors are closing for the start of a service, guys flooded in at 5:30.  A full disclaimer was given and we slow moseyed from launch to provide time for the aforementioned last minute arrivers to fall in.

The Thing:

Moseyed to the 131 Main parking lot for a warmup of Steve Earles, SSH, Peter Parkers, 6 inches, Parker Peters, right hand by right foot with the right elbow dropped trying to touch the ground (a new favorite of YHC’s taught to him by C3PO that really stretches the hammy’s), left hand by left foot and big ol arm circles.

Then it was off up Bryant Farms to the rock pile by the Montessori School.  Instructions were given to grab a lifting rock and follow YHC for curls in civilian count.  The first set was 20 reps then quickly followed up by 19 reps then quickly followed up by 18 reps.  It was at this point that the Pax realized the trend and Hops provided the title of this BB and asked YHC if he was going to the beach later today.  Not today but hundreds of curls are always good for beach season in general.  It was also at this point that One Star along with a couple of others regretted their rock choice.  In order to allow for a dispersion of rock weight YHC instructed the Pax to shift one spot to their left.  Unfortunately YHC was beside One Star and had to lift his boulder for 17, 16 and 15 reps…which sucked and YHC’s form was getting sloppy.  We shifted again and made it to 10 reps.

At this point it was time to momentarily break up the curlfest and head to the playground up Bryant Farms.  YHC split the group in half for:

Group 1 did 20 merkins while Group 2 did 10 step ups on the wall then flapjack and do for 2 rounds.

Then, Group 1 did 10 pull ups while Group 2 did 20 out & ins on the wall, then flapjack and do for 2 rounds.

Headed back to the rocks and instructions made to find your original rock.  We finished our curlfest countdown starting at 10 and rotating over to our left a couple of times until done.  Moseyed back towards Blakeney stopping at the wall as you enter the shopping center off of Bryant Farms.  Big Tuna complimented the wall structure that we used at the playground so YHC figured that he would be equally impressed with this wall.  Instructions were given to partner up with P1 doing 5 wall climbs while P2 does burpees until P1 finished the 5 wall climbs.  Then flapjack and do for 4 rounds.  YHC was out o’ breath after this and called some Mary and asked for friends to call some as well.  OK, some breath has been recovered so we jogged back to launch for enough time for 1 minute of Al Gore and 1 minute of plank.


Fun crowd and good to catch up with some guys that I don’t get to see and talk with as much as I would like.  Good mumblechatter throughout and some good moans and groans at times which is always a good sign too.  YHC likes to have workouts where there is a little time to mumblechatter and make it fun but also I hope to shut it down with some butt kicking at times too.  Hopefully both were accomplished this morning.


  • Crane Relay 8/13.  If you can do a bootcamp you can run this relay.  I realize that was stated by Frasier so consider the source, but the man ain’t wrong.  It’s a great way to push yourself but in a great environment to do so.
  • If you are in town July 4th keep an eye out for a special event Monday July 5th that will be 2.0 friendly but not require a 2.0, as long as you are a big kid at heart.

Thanks Wingman and Teddy for tapping me to lead this morning and thank you for leading yourselves with Firestarter.

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