Skunks got no rhythm.

Skunks got no rhythm.

The kettlebell has a long, storied and misunderstood past; but a bright future….all evidence to the contrary this morning.  After Cage watered the bushes at the end of the lacrosse field, 9 skunksters launched into the eastern Area51 gloom….with kettlebells.

Below is a smidgen of Thang and a couple helpings of Moleskineage:

Trivia is a fun thing, thus, my random comments on Slack yesterday about the kb and its rich heritage.  Speaking of trivia, Lois wants to challenge Geraldo and Puddin’ in a steel trivia cage match.  Seriously, I think that would be an awesome 2nd F event – F3 Area 51 trivia night with proceeds going to charity.  Someone should plan that.  Lois’ kb also resembles a Christmas ornament.  Did I mention my grandmother’s name was Lois?  True Story.  Lois Jean Griggs Sappenfield.  To my knowledge, she did not own a kettlebell.

Horsehead, against his better judgement, tapped YHC after last week’s skunkage – to Q this week.  He got what he hoped for….maybe.

So we did a mini-COP at the launch lot, then moseyed over to and into yesteryear at the old launch lot and pitted field with the ankle-breaking gravel track around it.

YHC brought a jump rope as the idea was for one pax to do 100 jumps as the timer for the rest.  5 pax for various reasons, some of which were undisclosed, refused to jump rope.  Funky’s reason: Absolutely no rhythm, thus, cannot jump rope.  Injuries and general disdain for the idea were some of the other reasons.  Cage, Horsehead, Baracus and YHC were the only rope-jumpers.  Baracus was doing all sorts of tricks and creative jumping #dadof3girls

So we did a few laps around the pitted field, did some Mary, swings and sundry kettlebell exercises.  Then we headed back towards the launch lot, stopping at the flag pole.  Could not remember what “True Americans” were #pagingcheckpoint, so we did Mike Tyson’s instead.  I mean…what a great American he is.

Stone Cold, looking the most kb-worthy of the bunch, was getting after it, as was Smokey.  Smokey may have jumped some rope, but don’t think so.

Hoover, still nursing the stress-fracture in his lower right leg, was putting in the work, too…and from what YHC could infer – my Q performance wasn’t nearly as disappointing to him as my last one.

A mix of conversations going on with topics including, but not limited to, the following:

South Dakota; Freddie Mercury’s real name: Farrokh Bulsara (thank you very little, Lois…actually, that was outstanding); Smokey’s upside-down/backward visor; Funky Cold’s alter ego: Tone Loc; the Ultimate pax taking up a collection to pay Charlotte Christian’s exterior lighting bill; the curious disappearance of Chin Music (YHC named him, btw); Cage’s authorship of the national AP Human Geography exam — blaming you brother if my 2.0 didn’t get a 4 or 5!

I’m sure Horsehead had some noteworthy one-liners and/or country witticisms, but can’t recall any.

That’s it.

Thanks to BA for taking us out in prayer.

one more thing…I’m asking my 2.0’s for another KB for Father’s Day.  Look out Swole, Olympus and whatever other kb workouts there are.

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2 years ago

“I’ll take Area 51 Workouts for $200”

“The answer is ‘Meathead'”

“What is the one kettlebell workout Hops can’t remember?”

Good Q today. I liked the “I’m going to go over here and jump rope while you guys stand over there and do the exercises part.” Would suggest incorporating the random folding chair in the field next time.

To your credit you didn’t look to Stone Cold or YHC for any suggested exercises. It’s almost like you’ve done this before.

Reply to  Hoover
2 years ago

Thank you, Hoover. It’s clear that Hops has something against Meathead. As punishment, I’m putting him on the Q calendar for mid-June (when I’m DR).

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