Base Camp via Death Valley

Base Camp via Death Valley

When YHC pulled into the parking lot several pax were already gathered, chatting it up some. Sardine greeted me first, I hadn’t seen him in some time. Floor Slapper showed up at 0529 and took his time to join the rest of us. At 0530 the pax were disclaimed and we were off for a lap around the track then circled up for COP.


  • SSH x 20
  • Imperial Walkers x 20
  • Windmills x 10
  • Squats x 20
  • Merkins x 15

The Thang: We moseyed over to the bleachers used to be and partnered up. Partner 1 performs called exercise while Partner 2 takes a lap up the stairs, around the sidewalk and back. Flapjack.

  • Supine Pull-ups on the railing
  • Merkins
  • Squats
  • LBCs

Circuit Work

We then broke out to the dugouts since the bleachers were nowhere to be found for some circuit work. 3 rounds of Incline Merkins x 10, Dips x 15, Squats x 20.


We yogged back over to the track and did not heed the sign to engage in the Starfish. 10 Merkins in the middle, Flutter Kicks x 20, Carolina Dry Docks x 20 , LBCs x 20, and Diamond Merkins x 20. Repeato. Quick time check and we had a few minutes for Mary


  • Flutter Kicks x 20
  • LBCs ruck overhead  x 20
  • Rosalita ruck overhead  x 20
  • Hello Dollies x 15



  • Floor Slapper wasn’t the last one to arrive, O’Tannenbaum and Semi Gloss met us down at the track after we’d finished the lap and joined us for COP.
  • Semi Gloss was giving me a hard time (I wouldn’t expect anything  else)  have recycling some of Death Valley’s older Weinke’s.  Maybe true, but I wanted to keep things on campus so classic SCMS Weinke was in order.
  • Who knew they took or removed the bleachers by the baseball fields? Huge void, not sure if its COVID related, but definitely took away some options at the AO.
  • Not sure why there’s a sign to keep off of the football field, not like it’s Charlotte Christian or Charlotte Latin.
  • Some of the Pax weren’t too keen on getting on their backs on the grass and moved to the track instead.
  • Good to see Hopper, hadn’t seen him in a while, glad to hear all is well. Looking forward to pool season at the house.
  • MAD reached out to me last night to tell me he was bringing an FNG, welcome Eardrum, their kids both go to Elizabeth Lane. Eardrum is an audiologist, so the name fits.
  • Semi Gloss was shirtless at COP, enough said. #BigHairy
  • As I looked around out COP, there’s quite a number of us that are #Respect and more of us nearly there. Phil Mickelson won the PGA yesterday at age 50, so its long from over for us.
  • Apparently the Ohio University is known for its Halloween parties according to Hopper.
  • Thanks to Semi Gloss for the take out.
  • Thanks to Mr. Magoo and Thunder Road for the opportunity to lead and please sound off with any mumble chatter.


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1 year ago

Great to see you, too, Geraldo and you are always welcome at the Smith casa during pool season! I hadn’t participated in a starfish in a while. Despite the lumpy, wet grass, I enjoyed it! Strong Q!

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