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That’ll put spickarickum in your macaroni!

15 men gathered on the eve of Fathers Day at Calvary to run some miles and take in some humidity.  I had a recycled workout ready to be executed.  I gave a disclaimer and told the crew we would be discussing “Dad moments” as we travelled.  We took a turn toward exit 3 (I think) of the Calvary campus and ran toward Carrington Racquet Club.  Here goes:

Warm Up:




The Thang:

I filled in the troops that we would be running the cul-de-sacs of Carrington and Bevington.  At each cul-de-sac, we knocked out 15 of the stated exercise.  I made up the exercises as we went (shocker, I know….and noted by Alf) but the ones I recall are:

Heels to Heaven


Plank Jacks



HR Merkins

Freddy Mercury

Monkey Humpers

We finished up on Bevington and ran toward the South Charlotte Library.  We ran past a post mortem deer on Rea which only exasperated the aggressive upward slope run.  We did some Mary in the library lot followed by some calf raises while partners ran the lot loop.  Some stern, angry looking librarians showed up for work so we got out of dodge.

We finished up with gassers in the Calvary lot with 10 counts and Mary exercises mixed in.

That’s a wrap….4.5 miles!


During our run, I asked selected pax to answer questions about their Dads.  Thanks for playing along.  Here were the questions and answers by dude:

Stonecold: Q:  Best vacation with your Dad?  A:  Surf City Beach in 1980 (bonus points for remembering the year)

Horsehead: Q: Line you always heard your Dad say?  A: That’ll put spickarickum in your macaroni (copyright stolen for title)

Spackler: Q: Funniest thing your Dad did as a kid?  A: Dragged weights out of the garage and lifted them in the driveway to pick up the ladies.

Prohibition:  Q: What was your Dad’s favorite drink?  A: Old Fashioned with cheap bourbon.

Alf:  Q: What was the maddest you ever made your dad?  A: Lied about turning the house upside down looking for Playboys.

My apologies if I forgot any Dad stories!  Weigh in if I did.  Great to be with you boys!  Geraldo and Hoover, thanks for the privilege to Q!  The Rock Zero site will always be dear to me!  So many great memories and so many more to be made….courtesy of the men of A51!  Happy Father’s Day studs!


Crane Relay is August 13

Grow Ruck is August 6

Floorslapper and his wife are expecting a child in one week!  Congrats bro!

Flipper on Q next week

Prayers to Booyah who was very recently diagnosed with throat cancer.   It is localized which is good news, but please keep him and his family in your prayers as they are understandably shocked and dealing with the surprise.

Have a great week, men!


Limey’s Lesson

Posted on behalf of Limey:


Workout recap:

  • Mosey to parking lot

o   sidestraddle

o   imperial

o   low slow

o   windmill

o   Peter Parker

  • x3:

o   crab/lunges/bearcrawl/jumps

o   calf raises x 40

o   1 lap around building

  • Mosey to fountain

o   20x step ups, 20x inclines, lap – x3

  • Mosey to rocks / partner up

o   rock: curl while partner jogs down/back

o   rock: bent row “”

o   rock: tri “”

o   rock: lying pullovers “”

o   rock: front shoulder raises “”

o   rock: bench “”

Enjoyed Q-ing Hawk’s Nest for the first time, good crowd as usual.  Only got 3/4 through my planned workout, time flies when you’re having fun.  Will have to cut out all that running next time.  Especially the “FIA lap” that Spackler was so fond of.


Are those books overdue?

15 studs showed up for a forewarned running episode of Rock Zero.  The temp teetered at 40, so a little nippy, but we came ready to endure.  The kettlebellers were setting up their stage at Olympus while we prepped.  It was time to roll.  I made a quick disclaimer and off we journeyed.

ALERT:  This BB has less info about the workout and more about the The Moleskin.  After all, the observations and mumble chatter  moleskins are 95% of why we show up….so let’s get at it:

Warm Up:

We jogged our way to Carrington Swim Club for some of the following:

  • IWs
  • Low Slow Squats
  • Hillbillies
  • MCs

We crossed 51 so we could use the newly paved triple lane sidewalk to get to Windswept.

The Thang:

Jog into Windswept.  Did some LBC working recovery, then ran down to Binfords Ridge Rd.  Partner up.  Partner #1 runs to one cul de sac while partner #2 runs to the other.  10 merkins in each cul de sac, then 10 HR merkins when you meet up with your partner.  Repeato, but  flapjack on direction.

Lunge walk then jog to Nora’s Path Rd.  Same idea as Binfords Ridge Rd, but Heels to Heaven in the cul de sacs then Freddy Mercury with your partner.  Repeato a la flapjack.

Run out of Windswept and cross 51.  Geraldo got tied up playing frogger so while we waited, we pleased the passing traffic with monkey humpers….rears facing traffic, of course!

Get to the library.  Little plank recovery.  Keep your partner.  Partner #1 runs the parking lot island while partner #2 does said exercise.  Flapjack.  Exercises were:

  • WWII sit ups
  • Boon crunch left knee
  • Boon crunch right knee

Jog across Rea back to Calvary.  One lap around North Face with CDDs at the end.

5 roundtrip gassers in the parking lot with Mary in between.

LBC’s and merkins to finish.


My reflections below:

  • Gummy: He immediately ragged on me for my choice of shorts.  Little surprising as they were Clemson orange.  It hurt a little!  Nevertheless, it’s great to have him back at a boot camp!
  • Boerewors: He told me upon arrival he reconsidered coming due to the running pre-disclaimer, yet he crushed it.  #sandbagger.
  • Floorslapper: While we were on Binsford Ridge he told me almost bought a house on the street but all you could hear from the house was 51 traffic.  Yet, I never heard a car while we were on that street.  Weird.
  • Deep Dish: He manhandled 4 Mountain Candy’s last night (one of my favorite crafts), but still showed up with his Samson hair and never showed a taxing moment.  He also pre ran.  #olderversionoftrevorlawrence.
  • O’Tannenbaum: Post workout he put on a beanie that made him look like a human condom.  He did admit he normally wears it at night.  I bet he does!
  • Buc-ees:  The man jokes about being lightning quick, yet he was right there with us the whole time!  Boy is putting in the work!  Always with that Texas grin on his face, too!  Awesome!
  • Stone Cold:  His dri-fit pullover was the same shade as my shorts.  Gummy quickly commented.  My take-away is SC and I have incredible taste and Gummy has, well, very little….
  • Jet Fuel: The man still looks like a Dicks Sporting Goods catalogue model pre, midst and post workout.  The shirt never comes out of the shorts.  Anyone ever check if those are actually onesies?  Plus, the man can go the distance!
  • Spackler: We owe the mileage to this guy.  He texted Friday night suggesting 3 wasn’t enough.  I had to answer.  Also, during warm-ups, he revealed the worst case of frontal static cling to a pair of shorts I have ever seen.  How does that happen?  I don’t want to know.  The man went on to later crush his round at CCC and racked up a 79!  Dang!
  • Runstopper:  Did he have on tights?  Don’t waste my time!….yes!  Last I caught up with Stopper he told me he was focusing on upper body.  While I am sure that’s true, the man still crushes a run and was up front the whole hour.  Bottom line….the guy is tough!
  • Marge: He is deep in Palmetto Run training so I figured he wouldn’t mind the mileage today.  He is moving into my neighborhood soon so we planned a lot of football Saturday’s in his backyard as we ran….can’t wait, Marge!  I am sure Deep Dish feels the same!  Oh, and DD promises to wear a bathing suit for the pool!
  • Snowflake: Does it get more inspiring than this guy?  He is 59…..he preruns….he can pace with anyone 30 years younger than him.  I asked him if he wanted a ride home and he politely smiles and says “No, I got it”.  I bet you do, Snowflake!
  • Mr. Magoo:  While all of the Clemson alums crow about Dabo and Trevor, Mr. Magoo and I always get a chance to talk Buckeye to each other.  Thanks for reminding me we were playing the Illini in the afternoon.  Didn’t turn out the way we wanted, but great to see you bro!
  • Geraldo:  This brings me to my favorite biographical section of the morning!  When we got to the library parking lot, there were cones and signs directing the flow of traffic one way around the island.  We decided to run in the opposite direction of the signs and didn’t think much of it considering the library wasn’t even open yet (although one person sat in a car reading a book at 7:30 waiting for the library to open at 9:00….as Runstopper said, “That’s dedication”).  An early bird librarian pulled into the lot, rolled down the window and told Geraldo he was running the wrong way around the island and to please reverse course….priceless!  Fast forward one lap later and another librarian pulls in and tells him (and a few others of us) to move to a back lot so we don’t get run over….her advice was more helpful!  Geraldo took a couple of bullets for the team, but only because he was the fastest and first back to our launching point in the lot.  Bottom line, librarians have it out for Geraldo!  Someone did comment that librarians have never been known to like or appreciate athletic dudes!

We covered 4.5ish miles and worked in a few exercises.  We also got to meet up with 6 of our Olympus bros for COT!  Very cool!  Geraldo and Hoover, thanks for the chance to lead!  Rock Zero and that AO will always be near and dear to me!  Gummy, thanks for the prayer, man!


Beer mile on 3/19

Dark Helmet at Stonehenge next week

March Madness Challenge is on.  Read Flipper’s blasts

Functional Strength Challenge coming in May.  3 Categories of lifting and also categorized by age.  High Tide is developing the plan!


I have so much to report…..

You know, sometimes when I write these backblasts I can struggle with what to say.  We did this, we did that, and so on…….

But today’s workout gave me plenty of material.  To start, after I sent out a Slack notice about the workout yesterday, the first response was from Snuka!  Yes, Snuka is on Slack! Who knew?  That alone might be enough for a backblast, but, men…..there’s more….

14 studs showed up today for a cold Anvil morning.  As I pulled into the lot, I was honored and overwhelmed that Lorax and Point Break had ordered a construction lift that would raise me above the heads of all of the pax so I could offer the disclaimer like Benito Mussolini.  Isn’t that thoughtful?  Much to my chagrin, Point Break lost the keys to the lift so I could not be properly elevated to address the crowd…..disappointing!

Secondly, as we were stretching Lorax reported to several of us that he had to liquidate his kids’ 529 plans to pay for new headlights on his Jeep.  I won’t tell you the price, but certain previously owned vehicles cost less than Lorax’s headlights.

I started to spew my disclaimer, but told the men I had woken up twice in the night fearing I had slept through my alarm….never happened to me before so I was relieved to have even been there. In terms of the disclaimer, I told them I adored them, but was not responsible for them.  I am not sure anyone believed either of those statements.  So, off we went:

Warm Up:

Jog to the grassy knoll courtyard in front of Calvary, for:

  • IW’s
  • Low Slow Squats
  • MC’s
  • Hillbillies

The Beast:

We sashayed to one of the lamp lights near the hot box and I instructed the pax we would be running the main thoroughfare connecting 51 to Rea Rd, stopping at six lamp lights for six stated exercises.  I got to catch up with Mr Magoo on Buckeye and Big 10 football at this point, which made it all worthwhile.  We repeated this four times back and forth (those lights are far apart from each other and frankly….I got tired) with:

  • merkins
  • heals to heaven
  • jump squats
  • CDDs

We circled up for some working recovery mary a la dollys, flutter and crunches.

The Tree Lane:

We yogged to the main lane that connects the outer thoroughfare of Calvary to the church.  At each tree you come to, rotate through lunges, broad jumps and bear crawls until you get to the end of the lane.

Rock City:

We journeyed to the front of the church, partnered up and grabbed a lifting rock.  Partner 1 runs back to the grassy knoll courtyard while Partner 2 days stated exercise, then flapjack:

  • curls
  • squats
  • OH presses

We had about 7 minutes left so we jogged to one of the front lots of Calvary for 10 quick 40-yardish gassers.  We were about 3 in when Snowflake said “Hopper, this will be reflected upon negatively in your YELP review!”.  Horsehead immediately responded with “You know you have done something wrong when Snowflake talks smack to you”.  Amen!  Fortunately, I know Snowflake is the forgiving type and he and I will be good, but I did have to check myself after that one.

Jog to the cars to finish up!  That’s a wrap!


I met some new dudes today…..Chopper, Fargo, Midriff, Chastain, Das Boot.  It was my pleasure boys!  Funny how you can meet new dudes at a F3 workout and by the end of it, you feel like you knew them for a while.  Lorax, Orange Whip and Point Break killed most everything and most of us were watching their backs for 45 minutes….strong!  Snuka was his normal 29 year old self disguised in the body of a 59 year old!  Fast and furious!    Horse Head’s and Puddin Pop’s stand up comedy routines made my legs and lungs hurt less in the moment, so thank you for that boys! Mr. Magoo….all I have to say is “O-H…..”.  Snowflake, I might have been overzealous this morning, but we share the same birthday so you have to forgive me…..#birthdaybrothers.

Lorax and Point Break, thanks a ton for allowing me the honor and Midriff…..excellent take out prayer!


Orange Whip is hosting Q school this Saturday after Rock Zero.  Come workout at 7:00 then join the Top Gun instruction.  Great way to learn the 1st F mantra and how to keep the pax moving and motivated during a workout.  We have a lot of new guys who are certainly Q worthy so come out and get up to speed on how to lead a workout.

2020 Passport Challenge goes through 12/31 and includes any F3 activity

Canned food drive at Hydra tomorrow morning

VQ Perched at Hawks Nest

Site Q Note: Not only did Amber VQ earlier this week, but he actually wrote a blackblast to go with it!  In the words of Deniece Williams…..”Let’s Hear It For The Boy!”.  Stellar example!  Here you go men: 


A strong group of 21 showed up for my VQ and it was really time to make everyone feel like they are 33 again.   With the humidity turned down and the anxiety of our Clemson football brethren inching one step closer to the day Trevor Lawrence sits out for the year, the team was ready to work.

The Thang:

For the workout, we started in our circle of trust/death (to each is own) with some imperial walkers and some side shuffle hops.

Next we moseyed to the hills where we Triple nickeled with jump squats and Fred Mercury or Mercisons.  Shoutout to Slingshot for leading the way up the hill.

Following the brutal 5 hills, we lunged down the flat into a side shuffle basketball style which Hopper swiftly abandoned for the grapevine.

Next we moseyed to Hope Church where we faced the toughest challenge yet.  It was lifting time, and some were serious about their arm day.  10 Curls, 10 OH Presses and 10 OH Tricep Presses, followed by a run down to the church entrance for 10 Merkins and back……5 times.  Some barely made it out, but we never leave brother behind.

We moseyed back to wall where we dodged some near fatal slips and sat against the wall for a good old classic wall sit.  So that we didn’t leave the rest of the legs unsore, we followed with some leg raises on the fountain and then back to the launch for a circle of trust / death abs workout.


In short, it is an honor to lead this amazing group of men who help make each week go by much easier and continue to challenge me to be a better man, dad, husband and brother.  While my only wish that didn’t come true was to have an FNG attend my VQ, I suppose wishes can still come true in the future.


A Tribute to Cash

On Friday, Cake Boss from The Fort sent a message to Voodoo informing him that Cash, a F3 brother, is in his final days of a battle against cancer.  All pax attending Saturday workouts were requested to wear black in his honor.  16 of us showed up to do just that at Rock Zero.  None of us know Cash personally….but, we don’t need to.  He is a F3 brother, a family man and someone who needs to know others are here for him and his family….so a tribute was planned.  Parts of the workout would line with some famous Johnny Cash songs.

A disclaimer was provided and off we went:

Warm Up:

Jog to the large front lot of Calvary, for IW, Low Slow Squats and MC’s.  Jog to Entry #1 of Calvary on 51 to start the formal workout.

I Walk The Line:

Native American Run from Entry #1 to Elm Lane.  Kudos to whoever recommended we cross the street to the newly paved sidewalk on the North side of 51 (thank you City of Charlotte).  After breaking up the line, we jogged down Elm Lane to Old Well and Challis Hill Lanes.  We half-piped it (kind of an elbow pipe if you will) with 10 plank jacks at the top of each pipe and 10 Sister Mary Catherines at the valley/midpoint.  Some kind gentlemen on Challis Hill was walking his dog wondering why in the hell we were charging the hill and conducting exercises at the top (we all wondered the same)!

A little Mary for working recovery at the bottom of Challis Hill. Run back up to Elm Lane.  15 or so Monkey Humpers (McGee suggested our rumps face the street…we all complied).  Native American run back to Calvary.

Wall work against the hotbox.  In the midst, two Mens Group members showed up to claim the hotbox for what appeared to be a bible study group (they get right of way on that one)….so time to switch the plan a little:

Don’t Take Your Guns To Town:

Time to address the guns! Grab a rock next to the sand volleyball courts.  Bring it over to the picnic tables.  Conduct the following with your rock:

  • 10 curls
  • 10 dips
  • 10 tri extensions
  • 10 dips
  • 10 diamond upright merkins on picnic table
  • 10 dips

After a set, run to the nearby island and back.  Repeat all of the above.

Ring of Fire

This one is awful, yet effective. You know the drill!  Plank in a circle while each man runs around the circle.  I believe it was OT who asked “why do my knees hurt so bad when I plank?”.  Amen, bro….amen!

After a little Mary break, we headed to the baseball field to pick up a hybrid/lift/run rock.  Lift it over your head and walk about 100 yards to a specific street light.  Put the rock down and run the roundtrip distance to the baseball field and back.  Repeat.

We had a little time left so we jogged closer to the cars and did two quick gassers (quick, not fast).

That’s a wrap!


We joined the men from Olympus (Voodoo, Beetlejuice, Frehleys Comet, Unplugged) and circled up.  It was a quiet COT as we all knew why we were there….to honor a brother.  Unplugged offered a great take-out prayer and we took a pic to memorialize why we were there.  Much love to Cash and his family! We are with you!

Thanks to Geraldo and Hoover for the chance to lead!  Thanks to all of you men who came out!  It was an honor.


Dang….Queen did this last week???

27 pax showed up on a morning so humid it felt like we were wrapped in our grandmother’s afghan blankets from the start.  BRUTAL!  The site Qs (Gummy and Sprockets) have been daredevils lately and both are on IR.  So, I quickly disclaimed the men and we headed out for a journey through Olde Providence.  Here’s how it went:

Warm Up:

20 or so IW….15 or so Low Slow Squats….15 or so Mountain Climbers

The Thang:

Jog to the intersection of Windy Rush and Knightswood.  Instructions: Running down Knightswood, stop at each street light for 5 Heals to Heaven (a personal favorite for some reason).  Stop at Bedfordshire.  I started to explain that our current location would be one top of the half pipe.  I was met with feedback that sounded something like this….”Queen did this exact workout last week”.  Ugh, so much for trying to be original.  Queen, once again, outshined (outshown??) me.  Oh well….we are gonna see this one through.  On Bedfordshire, 10 merkins at the top of each hill and 10 jump squats at the mid point.  We did three rounds.  While running the halfpipe, I heard more about what Queen did last week, which gave me time to improvise.  We did a little Mary on Bedfordshire for working recovery, then headed to the Foxworth hill.

Pick a partner.  Partner 1 runs up and down the hill while Partner 2 does various Mary exercises.  Three rounds.  Lunge walk and jog down the rest of Foxwood to that eerie cul de sac at the bottom of the hill.  Plank work.

Native American run up Windy Rush, but with the last two runners charging up the hill, instead of one (Semi Gloss tried to sell me on forming two lines….I resisted and tried something new….I should have listened  to him).  We got out of formation quickly, but we still all took the Windy Rush hill in 290% humidity, so….yeah us!!!

Bench work on the bus lot side of OPE.  10 dips, 10 step ups, 10 upright merkins (x2).

Short jog to the bus lot and line up abreast (that one was for you Gummy)!  Crab walk, karaoke left and right, backward running and bear crawl exercises.

We had few minutes left so 5 gassers of about 40 yards just to make sure we sweat out every ounce of liquid we had in our bodies.

I think we did some Mary from time to time throughout the morning, but I can’t remember when.  #oxygendeprivation.

That’s a wrap!


We covered a 5K in total (for those not following the metric system, that is 3.1 miles).  Observations:

  • Semi Gloss peppered me with suggestions all morning.  I listened to some…I didn’t listen to others.  I appreciate him looking out for me.  He told me he missed me.  #youcompleteme.
  • I would show up for F3 any morning just to listen to Puddin’ Pop’s comedy routine.  The monologue is always different and the one-liners are phenomenal!
  • Proehl, Amber and Sling Shot charged up the Foxworth hill like there was free cash at the top of it.  Youth…..never underestimate it!
  • Even without Sprockets, the Olde Providence Mafia still pre and post ran.  Included Sling Shot, IHOP, Huddle House and a few others (sorry to any left out).  Damn impressive!
  • Queen ripped his shirt off at the end of the workout just to make the rest of us feel insecure.
  • Please sound off on any other observations.

Gummy and Sprockets….heal up well and fast boys!  You are missed.  Thanks for letting me lead.

Baywatch, thank you for the take-out prayer!

Toodles, Hopper!

These go to 11!

On the night of Valentine’s Day, the banter began about the Area 51 Cold War era of The Rock vs. Day Zero (the combined entity which is now Rock Zer0).  Good vs. Bad.  Capitalism vs. Communism.  Hope vs. Suppression.  Horsehead launched the grenade saying The Rock should just reclaim its name, now that Good, Capitalism and Hope have won out (fine, those are my words, not his).  Sad, misdirected commentary followed from both Prohibition and Purple Haze as if the were journalists from The Daily Worker.  Horsehead later commented that we were clearly crushing Valentine’s Day by re-opening old wounds and taking time to comment on Slack instead of being with our M’s.  He had a point!

But Saturday was a new day!  A fifteen year old (Skipper) was ready for his co and VQ and my daughter was turning 11 (hence the rep count on most everything we did).  This was a day to move forward, not backward.  Hence, that is just what we did as sixteen sleepy studs showed up for a Rock Zero soiree.


After a half-butt disclaimer, we jogged toward the basketball court areas of Calvary for:

  • IWs
  • MCs
  • Low Slow Squat
  • Plank Jacks

Hopper Q:

The pax was told to run fellowship-style to the corner of Elm and 51.  They did and we did 11 Monkey Humpers at the intersection, much to the disgust of the oncoming traffic.  We jogged into Rea Woods and found two hills and partnered up.  One partner runs up hill 1 and does 11 of something, while partner 2 runs up the other hills and does 11 of the same thing.  Meet back and do 11 of something together.  Flapjack the hill:

  • 11 merkins: 11 handslap merkins
  • 11 heels to heaven: 11 prarie fire mary (or some phrase like that)
  • 11 LBCs: 11 WWII sit-ups with partner planking at feet

Skipper Q:

We ran back to the Calvary campus (thanks to Spackler we found a shortcut in the fence line), and went to the hotbox:

  • 11 dips
  • 11 step-ups
  • 11 decline or incline merkins
  • Run to the last garbage can on the sidewalk next to the pavilion

The above was completed for there rounds.

In honor of Valentine’s Day, Skipper called for tunnel of love.  Spackler played supervisor.

Hopper Q:

Wall work and some sprints to one of the light posts and back.

Skipper Q:

North Face challenge.  Three rotations up the hill and LBC’s in between each one.

Hopper and Skipper Q:

8 or so 50 yard dashes with Mary in between each one  for working recovery.

Skipper finished us up back at the cars with a round of called angles on the protractor.

That’s a wrap!


Observations by Skipper during his VQ:

  • Geraldo is fast!
  • Cottonmouth has a nice truck, even though it’s a Ram!
  • Runstopper can crawl like a beast during tunnel of love!
  • Boondock should star in Men In Black 7 (awesome shades)!

There you have it!

Thanks Geraldo and Hoover for giving my 2.0 and I a chance to co-Q!  That was awesome!  Thanks to the pax for giving him encouragement while he was leading….he enjoyed being with y’all!  Alf rightfully asked at one point when we were going to get some real leadership and have Skipper Q…..couldn’t agree more, man!

Happy 11th birthday to Rowan Smith!  I love you.

Levi, thank you for a great take-out prayer!


Doc McStuffins is recovering well after heart surgery a couple of weeks ago.  He is up and walking and making progress.

Keep Bugeater and his family in your prayers.  His family had a fire at their home, but it was contained and everyone is OK.  Remember to clean your dryer vents!

Hops on Q next week!

Demonstration, please?!

The Monday morning after a Super Bowl….we haven’t had one of those where no one was expected to attend F3 in four years!  As a result, twelve brave studs showed up on what is expected to be a global warming fantasy week of warm temps and sweaty men!  After a Charlotte School of Law inspired disclaimer, we headed out for a workout!

Warm Up:

  • IWs
  • MCs
  • LSSs
  • Hillbillies (I think this was the first exercise Clover asked for a demonstration)

Jog down Woodfox stopping at each street light for 10 CDDs.  Final destination at Burning Tree Drive and a little planking to finalize our warm up.  Partner up. Partner #1 runs the Burning Tree  distance to the cul-de-sac and back while Partner #2 does stated exercise.  Flapjack upon return.  Our 4 rounds included:

  • LBC’s
  • Flutters
  • Freddy Mercurys
  • Heels to Heaven

Sashay back to SCMS, stopping at each street light for 5 plank jacks.  Grab some curb space near the school for a ski drill (3X) inspired by Tagalong at a Centurion workout I attended (other way of saying I stole it):

  • 10 sideways jump ups (to the right)
  • 10 incline merkins
  • 10 sideway jump ups (to the left)
  • Lunge walk to the cars, reverse lunge walk back to the curb
  • Stationary squat while waiting for the six

Clover asked for a demonstration for all of the above……typical!

Mosey to the western side of the parking lot.  Partner #1 runs the parking lot loop while Partner #2 runs the loop toward the track, down the ramp, back up the stairs.  Meet your partner for 10 handslap merkins, then flapjack (2 circuits)

Little working recovery via wall work (leg raises, arms raises)

Partner up again with one rock per pair.  Partner #1 runs the distance of the parking lot to the fourth and final basketball pole, then back while Partner #2 does stated exercise with rock.  Flapjack.  Four rounds including:

  • Curls
  • OH Presses
  • Tricep Extensions
  • Squats

Clover informed me during this stint that my instructions were inferior and that any improvision was due to my inabilities as Q…..noted, and not necessarily argued.

Return the rocks and finish up with 25 LBCs.

That’s a wrap!


Phenomenal work this morning men!  No one lagged behind and the whole group stuck together….makes Qing a dream.  Great to see Baracus out there!  Kotters brother and glad to see you back at it….looked like you are laughing at that surgery!  Mr.  Magoo played Jedi Site Q as this was his first official workout as a Base Camp boss….guess that makes Thunder Road the Yoda of Base Camp!….that sounds less flattering than I mean it.  Hammer lasted the entire workout without having to use the boys room/outhouse.  Must have worshipped the porcelain at home prior to posting.  Clover’s constant requests for demonstrations has become a staple timekiller for the veteran….brilliant!  I may have missed a few observations beyond those noted so please sound off below!

Thunder Road and Mr Magoo, thanks for the privilege to Q at BC!  Great AO!  Great men!


  • Mr Magoo just attended a F3 ski trip with several Metro pax.  He highly recommends this trip to Utah as the skiing was superb!
  • Doc McStuffins is recovering well from heart surgery last week. Posts on Facebook showed a strong, resilient brother making very positive strides!


Thank You F3 Brothers: A Hopper Memoir

Gentlemen:  I accomplished a milestone today.  I wanted to share what led up to it and my appreciation to all of my F3 brethren…..for so many things.  The milestone is I posted at boot camps all six days this week.  In my 6.5 years as a F3 member, I’ve never done that before.  I tell you this not to beat my chest, but rather to reflect on why it was important to me.

This week a year ago I underwent rotator cuff surgery.  Doctors had to repair a torn tendon in my right shoulder and a torn tendon in my bicep.  The recovery plan was no running for three months, no lifting weights for six months and an expected full recovery in one year.  PT began immediately and was fairly excruciating and humbling.

What got me through those dark days of taking walks and riding a stationary bike on my own as I rehabbed were a) my lovely, unconditional wife who took care of me and b) you all!  My F3 brothers reaching out to me, asking me how I was doing, telling me they missed me, offering encouragement!  The names are too many to list, but you know who you are and I cannot thank you enough.  I still get brothers asking me how I am doing and if am I fully recovered.  The impact it has on me just makes me stronger.

Instead of the recovery times referenced by my doctors post surgery, I was running in two months  instead of three, I was lifting in four months instead of six and I felt fully covered within eight months instead of twelve.  The PT and the workouts helped, but what really advanced my recovery was y’all!  My F3 brothers!  The checking-in, the encouragement, the friendship… was and continues to be incredibly impactful.

I turned 50 exactly five months after the surgery and perhaps unwisely played two hand touch football at Hydra that day when Lewinsky Q’d a fantastic workout!  I felt like I was a twelve year old because I was with my friends laughing and talking trash.  It was a phenomenal way to ring in a birthday I had been dreading and again, I owe it all to you.

So, I posted six times this week because a) I wanted to prove I could do so one year after surgery, but b) because I wanted to have this moment… thank you for your friendship, for the examples you set for me and for the reason I wake up at 5:00 most weekdays… all make me better and I am eternally grateful.

So, remember these things, please:

  • You never know what is going on with the man standing to your left or right at a workout.  A simple “How are you doing, bro?” could change that man’s day more than you can imagine.
  • Just because you don’t see a fellow pax for a while, does not mean he has forgotten about F3 or you personally…, don’t forget about him.  Reach out to him, see how he is doing, and let him know you’re there.  Again, it will have much more impact that you could realize.
  • F3 goes way beyond the field where we work out.  We are not just a part of each other’s lives for 45 minutes!  We have a brotherhood, it is every minute of every day and it is something very special.

Thanks to Benny, Puddin’ Pop, Mailman, Slingshot, Tagalong and Sprockets…..the Q’s for all of the workouts I attended this week.  You didn’t know what you were doing for me this week, but you were champs just the same!

Again, too many pax to thank in this post, but a particularly huge shout out to Gummy, Hops, Lazy Boy, Cottonmouth and Blades of Glory who were the consistent, unwavering men who reached out to me during those darkest days of post surgery recovery last year…..lifelong friendships have been formed with each of you…..lifelong!

OK, thanks for hearing me out.  Hops was the only one who knew I had this mission this week and I didn’t tell him until after my 4th post.  The rest of you didn’t know it, but each of you added to it immensely….stuff like that is what makes F3 great, right?

All my best and thank you men…..for everything!