Ultimate Kam Jam (Round 2)

Ultimate Kam Jam (Round 2)

The reviews are in:

“The most fun I’ve had with my clothes on” – Blue Screen

“That was awesome!” – Schneider (In a heavy New York Accent)

“______________” – Chatter Box and Baio


12 guys decided the wanted to join me in throwing a frisbee around this morning.



Run out to the course (Field?) at the football parking lot.  Stop twice for stretching.



Split up into two teams.  Each team gets their own frisbee and their own goal to defend.  Goalie has a 25 lb slam ball to use for different exercises – 25 each curl, press, tricep extension, and slam squat.   While defending the goal, the goalie must hold the ball over his head (cant use hands to defend – only body).  Dropped Frisbees = 5 merkins for everyone on the team except the goalie.  An interception = 5 burpees for everyone on the team except the goalie and the other team gets to chuck the frisbee in whatever direction they want.  No running with the frisbee.   Scoring: 2 points for putting it in the can and 1 point for hitting the can.   I think that just about covers it.


Teams: I chose captains – Double Stuffed vs Schnieder (They were the closest to me).   Right out of the gate Schnieder decided to go Briarcrest heavy.  His second pick was Dana who comes in around 6’3″ and has a natural height advantage.   Teams were as follows:

Double Stuff, Chatter Box, Baio, Blue Screen, Ex Lax, 0-69

Schnieder, Ricky Bobby, Dana, Shop Dawg, Fuse Box, Chainsaw


Details of the game in the Moleskin.

5 Minutes left.  Mosey to Traffic Circle and squat jump waiting on the 6.  Rudy’s shed and wall sit airpress for the 6.  2 minutes left, all you got back to COT.  Came in 1 minute late and Swarm made sure to tell us about it.  I’m all for finishing through the echo of the whistle, but I admit…I was on Hooch time today – sorry boys.   And speaking of Hooch, when is that sorry, no good, lazy, mind always on sex jokes guy going to come out again???!!!  Here is your call out Hooch…see you tomorrow at a workout!!!



  • Thanks to everyone for giving this a chance.  I think often we hear frisbee game and we think it won’t be tough.  What I have found in F3 that any type of competition pushes us harder.   My team did over 100 merkins today and close to 30 Burpees (Damn you Baio!!!).  We got in 2.5 miles of which 1.8 of it was sprints during the game.  Heart rates where high and the sweat was a flowin’.
  • My team took an early 5-1 lead and never took our foot off the gas.   I know we finished with 13.  The other team somehow couldn’t remember what they scored but I had them around 9 goals.
  • My team took an early strategy of not settling for the 1 point goals and going for the dunk.
  • Baio is a stone cold killer on defense.  He had several interceptions that caused my team burpees.
  • Blue Screen was trying to get cardio in while being goalie and took a short run away from the goal.  We pounced on the open goal opportunity and scored.
  • The form police came out strong as the competition grew more fierce.  I heard things like “That’s not a pushup!”, “Wait, yall have to do Burpees”, and “Fuse Box, that’s as far as you can throw??!”.   I loved it.
  • I nailed double stuff in the double stuffing while he was playing goalie.  I didn’t take into account that with the ball over your head, it leaves you wide open and exposed.  My bad.
  • Double stuff got us back with an elbow to shop dawg’s jaw.  Shop laughed and said “Is that all you got?!”
  • Ricky Bobby pounced on a dropped frisbee like it was a football fumble.  He has the knees to prove it.  He later told me “I wasn’t doing burpees again so I had to get that Fisbee”.
  • Schneider can trash talk with the best of them.  And that continued on into COT where he got into it with Swarm for prematurely naming the FNG without us.
  • The longer the competition went, the more physical it got.  At one point I had Double Stuff and Exlax leaning on me near their goal.  Some how I broke free for a dunk score but not before being accused by Baio of dragging my pivot foot.  “I was pushed!”  haha.
    • There were some good battles down at our goal as well.
  • On his final interception near the goal, Baio tried to throw our frisbee in a nearby tree.  Thank god it came down.



Blood Drive.  June 19th at Five Stones Church.  9:00 to 1:30.  Sign up here: https://www.redcrossblood.org/give.html/drive-results?zipSponsor=f3

Watchtower is relocating to Weddington Middle School starting this Tuesday due to round-a-bout construction new New Town Elementary.

Memorial Day Murph and Popeye Memorial Bootcamp happening on Memorial Day.

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